What is the best nursery glider

A nursery is never complete without a large rocking chair or a glider. Finding the best rocking chair for the nursery can be one of the most challenging tasks. There are so many different characteristics, styles, and a range of prices to choose from that finding the right one can be stressful. ...more

DIY Book Page Bunting

Are you up for a cute and easy paper craft project?I used this easy-to-make book page bunting to decorate a little reading nook I created in my daughter’s nursery, but it could easily be used to pretty up other areas around the home. A project like this is a versatile way to add a little whimsy to your home décor....more

Buying A Baby Swing? Here's A Short Guide

Bruno Mar's Grenade is just finished playing on the radio when a car comes and parks  in front of Aunt May's Baby Shop. A couple gets off the car and walks into the store."Good afternoon. How may I help you?", Peter the store keeper asks cordially."Hello, we're just having a look", smiles the lady. Her husband is already checking out the crib mattress aisle sweeping his eyes top to bottom, left and right. "Okay, if you need any help just let me know", replies Peter.Not five minutes have passed when the couple calls Peter....more


I’ve been thinking recently about preparing for a new baby.When I was pregnant with Menininho, I couldn’t buy much or set up a nursery because I knew we were moving across the country just weeks after he would be born. I bought a yellow blanket and a frog rattle, and that was it until we were settled in our new home.When J came we were in a tiny apartment, so he slept in our room. No nursery....more
Cute room. Fun post!more

Planning Your Nursery

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is planning for your little one’s arrival. And it’s lovely to start thinking about a nursery. Many of us have a bedroom in mind for this, and it’s good to start getting it ready in plenty of time.Here are some tips to think about when you’re making your plans:...more

Odette's Nursery

While I was designing Odette’s nursery I spent hours on Pinterest looking for ideas! I came across Kelly Murray’s Nursery design and loved it so much! Most of the things from this room were very expensive and there’s no way I could afford a $900 rocker....more

Gold Nursery Accents

I must admit, I’m probably the last one to notice gold accents are everywhere now! It seems like everywhere you look gold is in style. It’s not that I didn’t like gold, but silver was always in style for so long, that it seemed old fashioned to be decorating/dressing with gold accents. However, after seeing hundreds of gold photos via Pinterest I’m starting to love gold. Now I can’t stop thinking of everything that can be painted gold! New to our shop this week are gold pallet arrows and a golden heart pallet piece....more

6 Important Steps to Turn a Room Into a Nursery

With a little design skill, any room may become a baby-friendly nursery for your family's new addition. Take these 6 important steps and create a beautiful space for the newest little member of your family.Step 1: Pick Your ColorsA fresh coat of paint is an affordable, easy way to transform the look of any room. Choose standard pink or blue if you know the gender of the baby. Pastel greens and yellows make for good gender-neutral color schemes. Light purple is a nice color for babies of either gender, and creates a restive atmosphere....more

DIY Beadboard Paneling

Our first project for the nursery is complete. Here's the steps to the DIY beadboard paneling we installed this weekend! ...more

Project Pinterest: Pallet Crafting [Part 2]

I am so happy to be writing this post. Mainly because that means I am officially done with the the behemoth project that I took on this summer. We actually finished up the project a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't able to blog for a week due to a big storm and a power outage, and last week my son had his tonsils taken out. That put me out of bloggy commission too. That put me out of commission for just about everything actually. ...more