Free at last: How a Japanese weaning trick gave me my boobs back

Thank you so much for your post. After reading you blog I tried to use your method in order to ...more

Haiti on the horizon

 A Gentle Reminder to the reader that this is my 2nd Blog entry...  One week from today, I will embark on an incredible life experience in Earthquake ravaged Haiti. I am a Neonatal ICU Nurse, and I am part of a 13 member team of local Doctors, Nurses, and other medical professionals that will spend 10 days on a medical missions trip in Port Au Prince.  ...more

The Cuddling Rebellion: The Bittersweet Transition from Baby to Toddler

So this is why you get pregnant again!! ...more

You have nailed it. This is totally why I want another baby. Good work, detective!


The Breastfeeding-In-Public Debate: Somebody Tell Chicago Now, There Is No Debate

I shouldn’t be shocked, I suppose. I’ve seen  this kind of thing countless times. I’ve been directly exposed to this kind of thing countless times. And yet, every time I see some example of blatant discrimination against public breastfeeding, it shocks me anew. It totally shocks me. And it sickens me....more

Study show DHA formula does help producer higher cognitive skills in babies you can't nurse your baby, the next best thing seems to be formula with DHA. This study shows that formula with DHA actual boosts cognitive development. The research author said it's possible that the beneficial effects of DHA extend far beyond infancy, because babies who took it displayed "superior performance on the means-end problem-solving task."DHA is an essential fatty acid found in breast milk. ...more

What's the Best Indicator to Determine When to Wean? (British Humour Post)

It's important to let go but when is too soon and too long? This link provides an excellent standard for when it is time to let go. or ...more

All Your Milk Are Belong To Us: Breastfeeding is not connected to pregnancy! Who knew!

Who knew!? You know, I've been pregnant three times, gave birth to live, healthy babies three times and nursed each of my three babies.  If breastfeeding my babies was not related to pregnancy, someone tell me what was going on with my body, k? Kate Harding at has an excellent take-down and analysis of this gobsmackingly narrow decision regarding Totes/Isotoner's pregnancy discrimination that defies common sense. ...more

I agree with you, Jill, that the problem is what to do now, after the Ohio Supreme ...more

Milking It for What It's Worth

I felt like a science fiction porn star.  Two funnels were attached to my breasts, trailed by yards of tubing that led to the MACHINE, also known as a breast pump.  The MACHINE ceaselessly and loudly and efficiently pumped my milk into 2 small bottles which I clasped tightly, yielding about 6 ounces after 20 minutes. ...more

To Wean or Not To Wean

Baby is almost ten months now, and I am faced with a breastfeeding dilemma. The plan was to nurse her until one year, just as I did her sister. No one will be able to say that she got anything less than the first kid. Start them out on equal footing, so to speak, even if baby already has fewer photos (everyone told me that would happen). If she turns out to be a serial killer, it won't be because I didn't nurse her and get all her vaccinations... ...more

Expecting a Great Weekend?

The sun is even shining in New Jersey this morning!  Go figure!  Everyone seems to be looking ahead to the holiday weekend!  Barbeques, parades, fun times for everyone!  Given how much bad news has been out there, I think we all have permission to relax and enjoy for a change! ...more