How To Raise Healthy, Happy Kids

When I wrote the title of this blog, I think I might have been overly ambitious. How DO you raise healthy, happy kids? It’s a question I ponder almost every day and one my readers ask me about frequently.Because I’m a mom, doctor, and entrepreneur, I’m often asked about my parenting choices, and as you may have noticed in my blog, I pretty much steer clear of anything you might call “mommy blogging,” not because I don’t have plenty to say about the topic but because:...more

Random and barely coherent thoughts about the baby and being well

As things settle down a bit with our newborn grandson Clay, my thoughts still turn continuously to his healing.  While the doctors adjust medications and the ventilator, there really isn’t much they can do to make his lungs develop.  The rest of it is up to time and the Good Lord.The next several weeks will be a season of waiting.  The doctor estimated today that the baby has ½ to 2/3 of normal lung capacity.  They think he’ll need a ventilator for a few months, at least. We naturally hope and pray that Clay’s healing will come quicker. ...more

The Prisons Inside Us

So Erica Jong has written this very antagonistic go-for-the-jugular piece railing against full-time mothers and mothers who have chosen to stay at home to some degree or another and attachment parent.  She says we are looking at a twenty year prison sentence, and that these new trends in making more time to love and hold and nurse and raise our young are “harmful” to women and families.    Let’s just say that I have gone right for the bait and lashed back at her in defensive facebook updates that mimic her in tenor and tone.  Let’s say that I have seen my own form o...more

In Praise of Bad Singing

 Written By:  Suzanne Bouffard...more

Nurturing My Now...Step by Step

This is the first in a series "Being True To You" for Tuesday Okay. Here it is. I'm on the edge of my seat blogging from a place of conflict: On one hand I'm experiencing utter frustration with myself which accusingly ruminates: "You're such an idiot. You know better than this. You're so completely weak. There ya go being indecisive, yet again. When are you gonna matter to you? When are you going to become number one to you and commit to your life for cryin out loud?"...more