In My Dreams: When it Comes to Schools, Is "The Best" Really Best?

I am currently reading a great book on parenting called Nurture Shock. The book is being passed (both literally and verbally) around many of the moms (and dads) I know and was recommended to me by the mom of one of my daughter's best friends. I am not going to talk about the book, although I cannot promise there will not be a whole slew of Nurture Shock posts in the future, (It is that thought provoking) but its Sunday....more

My Toddler Lies: What Was Your First Lie?

My son says that his sister has a poopy diaper, when in fact it is his diaper that needs a changing in a very big way. I Googled lying and toddlers and discovered that lying starts very early on; it's a pretty brilliant way to get around in your world and it's pretty savvy that my boy doesn't blame the obvious smell on his dad or the dog -- or me. So now I'm trying to think of the earliest I remember lying and I know I lied as a child. ...more
We certainly do learn the art of telling a lie quite early to get ourselves out of trouble. ...more