Wee lambies need love

Riding the train home from work, in my typical ‘don’t bother me I am asleep’ non sleeping pose, I heard a new born cough. It was one of those wet phlegmy coughs. Through half opened eyes I noticed a young mother across from me. Ever the people watcher I was on full alert. The mother was about sixteen, the baby was too young to be in such a public place being that ill....more

Free Tarot Sunday: A New Approach

I did something different this week.  Instead of selecting someone from my list of people who have signed up for free readings, I posted the following message on my facebook page last night:...more

Nurturing: a Word I Had Forgotten

A long-time best friend wrote something that will make a difference in my life. "...and nurturing the things that are meaningful to me."...more
Hello there, Robin! Absolutely DELIGHTED to find you and add a voice to the sustainable farming ...more

Astrology: Weekend Moon in Familycentric Cancer 5/6/11

This can be a weekend of emotional mood swings, creativity and/or feeding loved ones as the Moon glides its way into the nurturing Water sign of Cancer on Friday night, May 6, 10:32 PM Eastern / 7:32PM Pacific. ...more

The End: Getting to “Rich” (Part I)

This post is part of a miniseries on my quarterlife (re)invention process.  I left off discussing my strategy of beginning at the end, and the next few posts will provide more detail on the various goals I'm working towards.  If you're evaluating your life in a similar manner, maybe some of this will strike a chord... and if you've got ...more