Snickers Melt in Your Mouth and Then Kill You

 Imagine this scene:Little kid sweet voice, expectant, happy: Trick or treat!Evil mother of kid: Sorry you can't have that buddy, or that, or... well, maybe at the next house! ...more

Poisoned Slowly

I am currently in a beautiful place, courtesy of my fiancé’sparents.  They own a summer home in the vacation town of Marmaris, Turkey. It is lovely.  They actually just bought a bigger home here so thatmy fiancé and I could have more privacy.  They are lovely people. Really.  And very thoughtful. ...more

More Nuttiness Over Nuts

Some smart doctors think we may be getting too hyped up over peanut and other nut allergies. Okay, at least one smart, doctor.  Harvard doc and prof, Nicholas A. Christakis, writes in a recent British Medical Journal column (This Allergies Hysteria Is Just Nuts) that our culture of nut-free tables and the like may be doing a disservice, overstressing the real risks of food allergies, including the often serious peanut allergy. ...more

Got a Kid with a Food Allergy? Avoid Bakery Items at the Grocery Store--

cross posted at Non-Toxic Kids at A few months ago I went to a party with my two girls. There was all sorts of yummy food there for everyone (and I was thrilled to not have to cook). I found some dark chocolaty brownies in the kitchen and kept sneaking back there to have a bite (or two or three--). Finally, my two year old daughter followed me there and asked for some. It was only a matter of time! ...more