Cookie-Date-Chocolate bars

First, welcome, I guess, to my food blog.  Yay.    ...more

Gluten- and Nut-Free Appetizer

When guests come over, they're usually a bit peckish, so I like to have cocktails and appetizers at the ready. However, when I entertain my parents, it gets a bit tricky; my father has Celiac's (no gluten for him!), and my mother is allergic to nuts. Most appetizers are on a cracker, wrapped in pastry, or have hazelnut-laced chocolate, so I need to be creative with my choices, but at the same time present something that they'll enjoy. This recipe is quick, can be prepared in advance, and the recipe can be easily adjusted for a larger serving....more

Be Kind to Food Allergy Families

As much as we all like to think of ourselves as inclusive and sensitive, ask a parent of a child with a food allergy if they've gotten the eyeroll, the sigh of frustration, or the argument when they ask for steps to be taken that could protect their child from a life-threatening situation, and most have a story. No one likes their ability to eat limited -- neither those with food allergies nor those who live alongside them -- but not having those limitations in place may mean a very scary health situation for the former group. Sisters Raising Sisters has a great post on why you should be kind to a family with food allergies. ...more
Great post! I have friend who ended up having to quit her college because of food allergies. I ...more

Plated + Served: On the First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me...

I’ve really had the holiday spirit this year, so, like the song, I’m going to celebrate the 12-days of Christmas with 12 delicious recipes that play off of the lyrics.Today is the First Day of Christmas and as the song says, “My true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree.”Sorry to disappoint you, this is not a recipe for roasted partridge. I do have the pear tree covered, however, with this crunchy, nut-free Granola with dried pears and cranberries....more

Sweet Vanilla Banana Smoothie (Gluten Free, Nut Free, SCD Legal)

You remember those stands at the mall? The ones with the orange drink? Well they had banana too, which was my absolute favorite. This is a knock off that is actually good for you! Sweet Vanilla Banana Smoothie ...more

SCD is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, it's a diet for people with inflammatory bowel diseases ...more

Grain Free, Nut Free, SCD Legal Banana Bread

Since I started SCD  I always had some issues with nut flours which, I've recently discovered, was an allergic reaction. The doctor took my complaints very seriously and I am now a proud epi- pen carrying member of the nut-free club. However, now I had to go figure out how to bake again with a new flour. I chose coconut flour because, well, really, what is there other than nut flours that are allowed on this diet? Good thing coconut flour is yummy and I've found it to be cheaper than the almond flour that I was using. Don't worry, this doesn't actually taste like coconuts. It's moist, filling, and everything you'd ever want from a banana bread....more

Food Allergic Buyers Beware

In early May 2008, I came across a website for a "nut-free" bakery in New England with which I was unfamiliar. Finding a new "free-from" food manufacturer is always exciting.  Like unearthing a hidden treasure.  This one was especially appealing because their cakes are different than the usual yellow cake.  I finally got my hands on a slice of their cake, sold at supermarkets outside of Boston. ...more

Food Allergen-Free Sunscreen and Mosquito-Repellent

As we approach summer, we begin to shift our focus to outdoor fun and vacations.  For those of us with food allergic family members and friends, gathering supplies for such outings may take a little more leg work.  It is important to take along plenty of your favorite allergen-free supplies, just in case it is not available at your destination. ...more