Five Steps to Perfect Health

Time is a limited commodity.  Doesn't matter how rich or how famous you are, everybody gets 24/7. That's why when we get sick, and time seems to come to a grinding halt, all we want is a magic bullet to 'get on with it.'  Of course, there are no magic bullets and soon we learn prevention is the only way to stop from getting taken out of the game in the first place....more

Have a Heart for Diet Coke?

Are you hooked on diet sodas, thinking you can shed a few extra pounds by avoiding sugar? Here’s what Marcelle Pick, NP, Co-Founder of the Women-to-Women Clinic in Yarmouth, Maine has to say about diet sodas and how they affect women. “Companies have spent billions of dollars convincing all of us that diet soda is the healthier, lighter choice — that all we have to lose is the calories, ergo the weight. And since so many of us are struggling with ...more

Help to educate kids to eat healthier. My nonprofit of choice:

I found my charity of choice finally. "Snack Smart Program for kids teaches kids to eat healthier  and life a healthy lifestyle.Vote for #chicago children.  in the #pepsirefresh contest. You can vote everyday until 2/28Elizabeth Hannan

Things to Think About Before Going Vegan

There are quite a few things one should consider before becoming a vegan. After strongly investigating vegan menus and recipes, you will find that veganism really promotes the spice of life. It is not an easy road by any means, but it may encourage you to live vibrantly and with a new purpose!I have not reached the veteran stage of vegan lifestyle yet, but I will share what I have learned....more

sounds so nice!

And never needing a doctor is the best benefit of all!

I'd love ...more

Can Decadent Desserts be Part of a Healthy Diet?

Some people don't have much of a sweet tooth. They can pass up ice cream, pastries, cakes, brownies or other goodies without making a big deal out of it. If one of these people gets mugged by a girl scout on the way out of the supermarket, and somehow ends up with a box of Thin Mints? She can arrive home 10 minutes later without having to explain why half a sleeve of cookies is already missing. ...more

I have some in the morning before I go running.  So my sweet tooth is huge.  But ...more

How to Make Healthy Vegetables Tasty: Hey, Celery, I'm Talking to You

Do we need to review the fact that vegetables are good for us? I think not. The only people who might argue that we should cut down on vegetables are the Meatatarians and the Breatharians. And do we really care what they think? ...more

I'm currently addicted to roasted cauliflower and asparagus with a little garlic.

And I ...more

Nine Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

Check out this interview we did on Momlogic with Lisa Sharkey:Last-minute shopping and meal planning making you reach for that candy bar and Diet Coke?...more