A few reasons Pumpkin is a True Super Food!

I love summer, and I always get really bummed when the weather starts to cool off, and I know that Fall will be here…and then the dreaded winter. I digress. The fall can be such a great time and some of my most favorite foods are available: Macintosh apples, apple cider, pumpkins, and tons of different squashes pop up at my local farms. I love pumpkin baked goods, but I don’t like fake pumpkin, so I get really excited when sugar pumpkins are available so I can roast them and use fresh pumpkin in my recipes and get all of the nutritional benefits!...more
Sounds yummy!more

Pickle Juice: What is this trend?

I have received quite a few emails at this point asking about pickle juice, why kids are drinking it, and if there are any health benefits or detriments. I must say, I had not heard of this trend, and wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I found quite a few uses for pickle juice that some people advocate for. Honestly, I’m not sure I’m reaching for a jar of pickle juice any time soon, but you read and on decide for yourself....more

The Fasting Diet: A good long-term diet option?

There has been a lot of press recently about the Fasting Diet, and that Physicians in the UK highly encourage patients to adapt it into their current diets. But, there is also a lot of confusion regarding what it actually entails and how it works. It sounds pretty scary, and something that you couldn’t imagine making a part of your lifestyle, but once you learn a little more about it and the benefits, you may be a little more willing to give it a try....more

8 'Healthy' Foods That Are Too Good to Be True

I think we all know to lay off the Crisco, use less added fats to meals, and steer clear of processed foods as much as we can, but there are some foods that are touted (and erroneously labeled) as “healthy” that really aren’t all that good for you! Have you fallen victim to any of these? 1. Juice...more
@GiGiEats exactly!! farm raised can be worse for you!more

Plant-Powered Cooking

Eat for Exercise: Nutrition is the key to success

It is kind of true “you are what you eat” especially when it comes to pushing yourself with exercise. I have many people that have joined me on the exercise challenges in the past few months, and I made comments about certain workout days being rougher due to poor diet the day before and that always brought on a slew of questions wanting me to clarify further, so I thought I would! Plus, it is crucial to eat correctly when pushing yourself physically, so that your body can work optimally, otherwise you put yourself at risk for overtraining and getting hurt or sick....more

Should I be a part of the Clean Plate Club?

Growing up, I remember sitting at the kitchen table and staring at a plate of goulash, trying to mentally will it to go away….but my mother telling me I couldn’t leave the table without cleaning my plate because there were some children who didn’t have food. Ugh. I remember thinking, they wouldn’t want the goulash! But, when there were foods that I liked, I was in the “Clean Plate Club” in no time flat (I am a ridiculously fast eater for some reason.) But despite us not wanting to waste food, this may be a bad thing to teach children; it can cause some bad habits later on....more
@Karen Ballum I know SO many people that feel they need to eat it all AND force their kids to. ...more

Heal Your Brain and Your Life with The UltraMind Solution

I've finally decided to start reading Dr. Mark Hyman's book, The UltraMind Solution, which has been steadily collecting dust and apologies from me for neglecting it for months. My track record with finishing nonfiction books from start to finish is not good. I usually pick up whichever book is of interest to me at that particular moment, read only the parts that I find exciting (usually within a 15 min....more

Childhood Obesity, We're Lovin' It

My childhood must have been a sad one, because I don't remember getting many Happy Meals. Sure, once in a great while my grandfather would give in to my pleas (ah, spoiling the grandkids!) and I would walk out of the golden arches, box clenched triumphantly in my hand. I don't remember the burger or fries tasting that great, but the joy of digging through the box to find the toy is clearly etched in my mind. It was so infrequent, it was like a holiday onto itself....more