Fruit and Nut Chocolate

Fruit and Nut Chocolate is a quick and easy to make chocolate recipe that is crunchy, filled with full of rich flavors and will melt in your mouth. Its always fun to make chocolates at home and surprise your loved ones....more

Going Nutty Over the Holidays

There's no place like home for the holidays, especially when it comes to (sigh) the food that is involved. From Christmas cookies to holiday candies, it's a winter wonderland of calories and carbohydrates.  What to do when you want something special for the holidays but want to go healthy? Consider going nuts. Whether it's awesome almonds or wonderful walnuts, nuts have healthy fats and are satisfying.  One problem is the price. Unless you opt for a brand that has no expiration date (not a good sign), high quality nuts can be expensive. Here are some suggestions:...more

Easy 5-ingredient Glazed, Spiced Pecans!

I recently took my grandfather grocery shopping and while we were perusing the aisles and loading up on eggs and his favorite strawberry jam, I came across a bag of glazed pecans....more

Nutty Chunky Chocolate Cookies

Nutty Chunky Chocolate Cookies...more

Go Nuts for Nuts!

Nuts are a great source of energy and nutrients. Not only do they include vitamins and essential amino acids, but also are they a great source of vitamin E, vitamin B2, fiber, folate, copper and magnesium.1 As nuts are known for their high calorie content, many people are afraid of gaining weight when consuming them and thus avoid this delicious snack. But are there any nuts that are healthier and less in calories than others?...more

Chocolate Flavored Cake

Who needs a reason for chocolate cake? Every once in a while, I pretend I do. Birthdays are always good excuses. It's my brothers birthday today (Happy Birthday!), so I will talk about birthday cakes...more

Bolivian Papas a la Huancaina (potatoes with a spicy fairtrade nut sauce)

Papas a la Huancaina is a hugely popular dish in Peru and in Bolivia. The original dish is from Peru, but it’s quite different from this recipe, which is closer to the Bolivian version....more

Meatless Rice Meatballs

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsRecipe at: I was in middle school, I realized meat was not for me. I can’t even describe to you the surprised look I received from my parents when I cleared my throat at our dinner table and announced that I would not be eating meatballs for our weekly Sunday pasta dinner anymore. (Taboo!)My stepfather’s jaw fell open and hit the ground that day. Not eat meatballs? It was almost like I put a curse on something....more

Guilt-free Nuts & Seeds Toffee Squares

Remember these granola bars from JK Gourmet? My first bite of the nuts & seeds flavor was heavenly....more

Very Nutty Walnut And Almond Dip

Having friends over again today. Thought I’ll make some dips for them since they would have had a heavy meal at a wedding lunch right before they come to my place.Read more from 'Very Nutty Walnut And Almond Dip'....more