Should Restaurants Charge More on Saturday Night?

utensil clock via the Smithsonian Store You can walk right in on a Tuesday night. You won’t have to wait if you want to eat at 5:30 any day of the week. But when Saturday night rolls around, there are more takers than tables....more


FOR THE THINKING PENIS IN THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGYby Tracey Jackson   So we have another one.  Just when I was going to write about my iPhone obsession we are literally faced with Weinergate. One more politician who lets his member do the thinking for him bites the dust....more

"THE STORY IS THIS..." by Tracey Jackson

Jun 05, 2011 THE STORY IS THIS…by Tracey Jackson...more

Bathtub Gin and Mother's Day

Down an old dirt road, with a shocking view of Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant, sits a somewhat ramshackle diamond in the rough, whitewashed and wood-beamed. Its spacious bar and lakefront view make it a destination point for summertime dining, but this week, its acclaimed buffet made it our destination for Mother’s Day....more

"Confessions of a big footed girl" by Molly Jong-Fast

“I have size 11 feet. Yeah, it sucks, because I see all these super cute shoes in the stores - Guccis, YSLs, Manolos. And when they bring them out in my size, they look like clown shoes." –Paris Hilton   Confessions of a big footed girlby Molly Jong-Fast...more

I'm 5'3" on a good day, cursedly skinny as a rail and a size nine at best. I remember a friend ...more

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Volunteers are indispensable. They help certain organizations function on a day-to-day basis, do the work that may otherwise go undone, and in some cases, they ARE the organization. Our time is invaluable…. or is it? ...more

What Goes Around Comes Around

In Europe it seems as though there are merry-go-rounds in almost every plaza or park. This is all-year. I don't even see this in the summer in NYC other than in ...more

Afternoons at the Met

I went to the Met this afternoon and saw the most wonderful exhibits. If you are in the NYC area and you love art and fashion and photography, you must make your way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Pictures Generation exhibit and the Model as Muse exhibit. ...more

It's a Party...You're Invited!

I am participating in a Group Show entitled "Unframed Portraits: The Self and Others" at the Broadway Gallery in New York for two weeks in June (June 1 to June 15). ...more

What Do Tijuana, Mexico and Hudson, NY Have in Common?

Some thoughts about an article that I read today in the NY Times that made me squirm a bit. ...more