Brooklyn, NY

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Do You See Me?

It’s not a question of “What are we doing?” or “Are we dating?” or even, “Are you sleeping with anyone else?” It’s only this: “Do you see me?”Because as much as I want to know him, I want to be known. Whether we drift apart in a few weeks or get married on some green hillside without shoes, my desire remains the same....more

Running with music: to listen, or not to listen

For the first time in ages, I ran with music yesterday. I did not enjoy it. Also, check out some pictures from NYC!...more
 @Darcie I hear ya! I was followed out of my neighborhood park after a (not so smart) night run ...more

What's In A Name

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I like Shadow! It suits him :)more

Blographer by Adorama

When I was in NYC for BlogHer12, the first session I attended  was an off-site program put on by Adorama called "Blographer". I am a photoblogger, although I use this term loosely to describe my blog.  I don't write about photography, rather I showcase a photo or two (or ten) in my blogs. This session called to me, as I want to be a better photoblogger and was very interested in learning new ideas.  ...more


This time last week I was fresh off my flight via JFK and boarding the subway en route to BlogHer 2012 ~ NYC. It was my first visit to NYC. It took BlogHer to bring me there, and I have family in Manhattan! All I could say the entire trip was "WOW"! From the amazing men and women who convened, the awesome luncheons, guests, speakers, exhibitors, to the incredible town - I was in awe! Being a Chicagoan, I never felt the need to jump into the ultimate urban setting. Chicago has it all, but in comparison, NYC has this serious energy that no place I have ever visited has displayed! ...more
 @SweepTight AWESOME!!! Those random passings really do a lot of things! We will have a blast ...more

Cross Post - To Market, To Market

The apartment hunting process in NYC is a pain in the butt. Finding shelter in this big town is a far cry from "sane", let alone "ideal". I've driven OG to madness at least 3 times in the past 2 days. I've actually never seen him so upset with me before until last night, which I'll get to later. It really put a strain on our relationship because I was on pins and needles for the past couple of weeks ...more

I Am My Mother’s Favorite Daughter

…I’m also my mother’s only daughter.   But I’m well on my way to being the favorite child…which isn’t saying much since my only competition is my brother, Lunchbox. Last Christmas Lunchbox got my parents a Blue Ray DVD player. Thoughtsy: What the heck, Lunchbox? Are you trying to make me look bad?...more
LOL! Poor Lunch Box how will he ever compete!more

Welcome Spring! Done with the black tights

Long Run Saturdays