Thank You For The Music: The 65th Annual Tony Awards

After the 65th Annual Tony Awards, I know this much is true: Neil Patrick Harris outgeniuses Doogie Howser, Whoopi Goldberg's right that any of her films can and will become a musical, Harry Potter is an awesome dancer, and Cole Porter just makes the world a better place....more

The New York Times: Yarn Bombing or Art?

Those of us who eat, sleep and breathe in the crafty universe, have been aware of "yarn bombing" for years, thanks to the folks behind Knitta, Please. Now The New York Times has acknowledged it too!Last month, reporter Mallia Wollan shared insight to the spirit behind this fancy fibrous movement....more

I'm not crafty at all, but I love this movement. Magda Sayeg (Knitta, Please) has done several ...more

Don't Put Hard Boiled Eggs In Your Bag

I went into the city yesterday for my annual mammogram. Controversy aside, since my insurance company pays for it, I do it. It’s that simple. When I went into the dressing room to put on the two sheets of paper towels the medical field calls a gown, I looked in the mirror and saw that my pants zipper was down. ...more

But I'd actually have to have the idea BEFORE I make the deed is done. It was just one of those ...more

'BACK ON THE STREET-NYC The Bowery/Lower East Side' by Tracey Jackson

BACK ON THE STREETSby Tracey Jackson...more

Installment 5: Getting Home Alive

I just wanted the title to rhyme. So when we last left off, I had finally managed to finish Saturday. FINALLY. So Sunday! ...more

NYC Installment 4: Chinatowntown & Little Italy

atowntown & Little Italy ...more

NYC Installment 3: So Much Bacon

Okay, so this just keeps going. I took something like 317 pictures? A lot of pictures, in any case. Just keep this in mind: I can't even finish Saturday in this entry. There was just too much awesome. ...more

Installment 2: the Circle of Life

So, yesterday I got us all the way to Times Square, and then stopped there. I forgot something very important, however: ...more

Part 1 - Leavin' on a Jet Plane

o I went to New York City and I returned in one piece! Well, mostly. I returned with a full digital camera, a bunch of souvenirs, a powerful need to hug my husband and an incredible relief to fall asleep in my own bed. In any case, let's backtrack through this vaguely chronologically, shall we? I'm not going to promise complete accuracy; you know me, readers. You know accuracy isn't always my strong point. But... Pretty pictures! Which I must warn you, there are going to be a lot of them. ...more