School of Thought

The decisions are made. The die is cast. After six months of researching school options for our kids, both of whom enter new schools next year, we’ve made our final choices. No going back. Go Toros! Go Bulldogs!You can tell I’m nervous, right?...more

jingling sweet dreams

jingling sweet dreams I dreamed last night that we went back to Fiji....more

What gender lines?

A couple months ago, J Crew touched a nerve among conservatives everywhere with an emailed ad that showed a 5 year old boy having his toenails painted pink by his mother. It even inspired an article by the Culture and Media Institute titled “JCrew Pushes Transgendered Child Propoganda”....more

Shocking News: Second-Graders Having Oral Sex?

It's the sort of headline that makes parents want to grab their kids and lock them up, or at least stuff them into protective bubbles: Allegedly two second graders engaged in oral sex in an Oakland, CA classroom... while the teacher was present. I know that I couldn't figure out which part to be more horrified over first: The fact that kids that young are engaging in blatant sexual behavior, or that it supposedly happened while they were under a teacher's care. ...more
You want to help gather support for Erin Merryn. She is a young woman who was sexually abused as ...more

Oral Lee Brown Promises the World to Third Graders in Oakland

I admit it: The cynic in me absolutely cringed when I read a description of Oral Lee Brown's promise to fund an entire classroom's college education. She's just one woman, after all -- and we aren't talking about Bill and Melinda Gates here. She told ABC News that she made the promise impulsively: "I don't know where it came from," she said. ...more

There have been so many inspiring stories of generosity this Christmas season. I love it when ...more

Nurturing Inner City Entrepreneurs: Jose Corona of Inner City Advisors

"One of the things that we make sure that everyone understands from the beginning is that we have a give back clause. The more successful you are, the more you have to give back." -- Jose Corona, Inner City Advisors ...more

In most inner cities we find the diamond in the rough, kids who are talented and brilliant but ...more