As the Tail Wags: Obama Family's PWD Puppy at White House

At long last comes the Obama puppy! He's 6 months old and his name is Bo. The name may pose a problem for some bloggers and some Obama opponents who insist on calling President Barack Obama "Bo," but isn't the little doggie cute? And yet, Houston, we have a problem. ...more

But online all I can find are clips with Theo, none with Vanessa asking about the dog. ...more

Obama Family Obsession, The Huxtable Effect, and the Black Image on the Screen

A post, "The Interview Obama Regrets, But We Love," has hundreds of hits from CNN and Google, telling of the nation's obsession with the Obamas, the nation's next First Family. Some surfers are especially fascinated with President-elect Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7. ...more

I too didn't make that connection until I read this but it really does make some sense. I was ...more