Watching the Inauguration With My Biracial Kids This MLK Day

Four years ago, my three-year-old daughter barely grasped the idea that the United States elected our first African American president. Today, when we watch the inaugural ceremony for his second term, I look forward to explaining the significance of Barack Obama’s presidency to my three-year-old son. Some people might think three years old is too young to talk to a child about race and politics, but not me. ...more
Great post, Kim! I miss the melting pot of DC. So pleased your children will have that melting ...more

Take the High-Tech Road to the Inauguration

Inauguration Day 2009: historic, exciting, momentous, full of hope and unbound enthusiasm for the promise of change to come. If you are one of the millions who are not in Washington, DC, today there are ways to participate in the excitement in real time. So much is going on in traditional and social media that you can feel like part of the communal experience from right in your living room or cubical. ...more

is Be sure to check it out for inauguration stories, too.

Virginia DeBolt