Politics and Pride

I was sitting in my minivan in a supermarket parking lot a few months ago when I was inspired to write about the Obamas. My heart screamed yes, whilst my head firmly, yet gently, reminded me about the topics of which we may never speak. But I was inspired.The feeling surfaced again, once, twice, three times, until I lost count, and each time I pushed the inspiration down with the weight of my logic....more

New York Times Reviewer Calls Jodi Kantor's "The Obamas" Chick Nonfiction

Stop the presses! Did you know that there's a whole new genre of nonfiction that has been heretofore unknown? It's true! New York Times reviewer Douglas Brinkley unveiled it in his recent review of Jodi Kantor's The Obamas and it's called "chick nonfiction." What does it mean? Nothing good. ...more
It's a stupid term but not worth getting exercised over. I used to read the NYT Book review, in ...more