If You've Had a Rough Year... This One's For You

This one goes out to a dear friend who battled breast cancer this year. Battled? Hmpffff... She smote it down and pissed on its ruins. And to another who's dear to me who's heading in for his final treatment for melanoma that showed up first on his face, and then in his brain....more

Glee's Cory Monteith Dead at 31: How I'll Remember

I cried when Cory Monteith died, I admit it. It's not really an admission at all, because that would imply that there is something wrong with it, and I don't think that's true. (Image: © The Toronto Star/ZUMApress.com) I've watched Glee since the beginning. I watched it when it could do no wrong, and I didn't quit it when the criticism started, even though I got frustrated with the storylines at times. And unlike some internet critics, I always loved Cory Monteith's Finn. He was flawed and a little bit dorky. He never seemed to know what to do next, but he bumbled his way into some rocking musical numbers, and into finally figuring out that he needed to step up and help Rachel do the hardest part of any relationship in transition -- the leaving part. ...more
Sad for this young man and those who loved him. Your post reminded me of when I was young and ...more

Doors Founding Member, Keyboardist Ray Manzarek Dies

If you've ever heard the organ in The Door's hit "Light My Fire," you've heard Ray Manzarek play, even if you never knew his name.Credit Image: © Globe Photos/ZUMAPRESS.comThe band's founding member and keyboardist, Manzarek died in Germany yesterday at 74 after a long fight with bile duct cancer....more
I loved X's good-bye to their mentor/producer yesterday: http://xtheband.com/2013/05/21/r-i-p-ray/more

She Called Me "Kitten": Remembering Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown

It seemed like Helen Gurley Brown, the famed magazine editor who turned Cosmopolitan into the raciest!, the daringest!, the most fabulously pro-woman/pro-men, pro-men-chasing-women-and-women-chasing-men magazine ever! had figured out how to be ageless, kittenish and fabulous forever. But, alas, time finally won out against the impossibly dynamic Helen, and she passed away today at the ripe young age of 90....more
Awesome blog!  (seriously...awesome)  I was watching her--I believe on Carson years ago, when I ...more

Life Lessons: The Incredible Legacy of Nora Ephron (1941-2012)

Nora Ephron, prolific storyteller, passed away at 71 from complications with Leukemia, her publisher announced today. You knew Nora....more
How wonderful to have met her firsthand. I didn't, but she of course affected me anyway. I am ...more

Rose And The Red Slippers

Many years ago, a minor ailment sent me to the hospital for a few days. I was escorted to a semi-private room where I met my roommate, an attractive sixty-ish woman named Rose. My husband placed my robe across the foot of my bed and positioned my new red house slippers on the floor beside the bed where they were convenient for me to step into if need be. Not feeling well, I wanted to rest, so he said “goodnight” and left. But Rose wanted to talk… asking the usual questions: “Where do you live? Do you work?...more
 @pegylu Hi, Peggy! I know just what you mean. So many BlogHers, so little time. In fact, I am ...more

Seeing the You Known to Others

Today's Claudsy's Blog discusses the reality of one's obituary, and the value it has now in your life.This mini-memoir, this profile, allows the person to see how her life has affected those around her, and how much hers has been affected by them. "It's a Wonderful Life" comes into play when the writer understands that the overall picture of her life, doesn't emphasize what went wrong as much as what went right....more

Taboo Topic: Would You Write Your Own Obit?

 Writing my father’s obituary was not as daunting as one might think. He died on Saturday at 86, after an eventful life. The challenge was figuring out what to include in the limited space.Dad had so many colorful experiences, traveled the world, fought in WW II, raised two daughters and three sons, and had a 63 year marriage. He worked for 30 years at a chemical company, trained horses, raised vegetables and flowers, played semi-pro baseball....more
@California Dreaming So sorry for the loss of your loved ones, C.D. I hadn't given obits much ...more


  Yesterday I learned that a friend had died when I clicked on his Facebook page.  It had been a while since I'd checked in on this particular friend - and it was shocking, to say the least, to see the notice of his death dated September 19, at the top of the page.  I read it a few times, just to make sure I understood what it said....more

Bloggers (and Their Kids) Loved Steve Jobs

I saw my first iPhone at a blogging conference. And my first iPad. In my mind, blogging and Steve Jobs are inextricably linked. And tonight the blogosphere says farewell to Steve Jobs. ...more
The man was truly a visionary who followed his intuition. He was the first person I felt ...more