Study Claims Women Are Biologically Bitchy: Is There Any Hope For Us?

It's no wonder that many will do anything to defend that which they feel is vital to their sense of identity, purpose and worth in the world. Recently, The Atlantic featured a study focusing on how "bitchy" women are. They even gave the phenomenon a scientific name: 'indirect aggression' (just in case you were wondering). OMG, that girl is sooooo indirectly aggressive -- it drives me nuts....more
I have my days when I feel Bitchy, and I a hate it, but sometimes I like it  We are all human ...more

Beyonce: Empowerment or Objectification

Last night Beyonce did her usual song and dance at the Super Bowl halftime show. People went crazy, as they always do, and she just might have caused a major blackout. (At least that’s what Twitter seemed to think.) She certainly wasn’t lipsyncing and I thought the Destiny’s Child reunion was pretty great – I really respected her for that....more

Hey ladies, my mind is up here.

I stood at the back of the "Vaginally Challlenged Bloggers" session red in the face from embarassment on at least three separate occasions. ...more

just sayin' ;).  He's  girly man.

 But seriously, I was at the session and thought you ...more

10 Antidotes to Self-Objectification and Sexualization of Girls

Yesterday, we discussed Self-Objectification and Low Self-Esteem. I loath problems without solutions and complaints that make us feel powerless. So, here's a list of 10 Antidotes to Self-Objectification and Sexualization of Girls. ...more

Empwering Girls: Self Objectification and Low Self Esteem

We all know how objectification works, some men see women as an object for their sexual pleasure. But, what happens when girls and women begin to see themselves as an object for men's sexual pleasure? The Association for the American Psychological Association (APA) calls this self-objectification and/or self-sexualization in the Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls. ...more

As promised - here is the follow up story: ...more

More sports and sexism

I’m starting to wonder if sports has become the “it” terrain for blatant sexism and creating a hostile climate for women. In the last year… Sexual Harassment of female fans by male fans at Jets’ games: nothing like a good ol “you don’t belong here until you have something you can give me, like the view of your tits that I’m clearly entitled to due to my possession of a penis.” ...more

Sometimes Cosmo readers say interesting things

The problem this Cosmo reader encountered is one that I have always been irked by. ...more

Owning our bodies' representation

This post from Ms. Naughty got me thinking. She wrote a post about the Topfree Equal Rights Association, and their argument that it should be legal for women to bare their breasts in public since men can: that not being able to amounts to discrimination since it's the "same" body part. Ms. Naughty quotes this bit from Topfree's website, which struck me: ...more

Recent sports articles remind us that female athletes are (sexual and maternal) women first

First, from Feministing: The Chicago Tribune online story with this headline: “WNBA offers advice to rookies: Trying to expand fan base by marketing its players, the WNBA for the first time offers rookies lessons in fashion and makeup” Yes, you read that right. According to the story, one-third of the WNBA rookie orientation offered makeup and fashion tips. Other seminars included “financial advice, media training and fitness and nutrition”. READ MORE   ...more

Sexualized Ads Become "Obscene" When Guys are the Objects

Apparently an in-store Abercrombie ad campaign received complaints for being too sexual/obscene. Abercrombie has been doing this for years, for example, depicting cartoons of topless girls (yeah, they looked awful young) in pools and having threesomes in their catalog back when I worked in the mall 10 years ago. And in this day and age of hypersexualization of women's bodies and the general pornification of everyday life, you would think these ads must be awfully revealing to be so scandalous. Read More ...more