12 Ways I Wish I Was Better

Like most people, I fall short in many ways. I wish I was better at managing my time—at turning off my work mind, and turning on my calm mind. I wish I was better at goal-setting, and not allowing mindless iPhone scrolling to replace actually productivity.I could document a laundry list of things I’d like to get better at; but today, in this very moment, my wishes are not that simple....more

When Do You Use "We"?

"What do guys see in her?" my wife might ask about any of her friends....more


The other day, whilst out and about doing errands, I stopped in to Burger King for a coupon combo.  Sitting in the corner facing the dining area I couldn’t help but notice a young man in his 30’s with a small boy and pre-toddler girl.  The small boy was running around the play area calling out, “Daddy, daddy look at me!,” as the little girl busied herself playing choo-choo train with some french fries at the table.  The young man looked kind and was proving to be attentive in his role of “daddy,” obviously on a solo trip to lunch....more

Weiner's weiner

I tweeted and facebook posted the following thought last night and I have to say, I woke up this morning feeling even more like it's true:There are way, way, way worse things politicians in Washington are doing right this minute than tweeting their dongs to people.And there are, right?...more

I like your point about men's reactions: my husband's reacting the exact same way. He's ...more

Sorting Through Dirty Laundry Not Ours; What Weiner's Woes Say About Us

This week, in a 30 minute press conference that felt like 30 tortuous hours, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner confessed that the infamous "crotch shot" was indeed his. This after originally lying and suggesting that his email account had been hacked. The Congressman admitted that he had had flirtatious Internet relationships with about six women in which he sent sexually explicit pictures and text messages. Mr....more

and certainly hope that impression was conveyed. This sort of behavior always has difficult and ...more

Plaid and Proud!

The first cold snap we had sent me searching to the back of the closet for my trusty flannel shirt that is my old friend. I love him, he became mine after a laundry accident rendered him useless to hubby. Shrunken from a large to a medium, he wasn't welcome on the other side of the closet. At first he felt hurt, unloved....more

Dear Diary

I came across some of my old journals.  It was so weird looking through them.  (I know I have tons more somewhere)  I was a really great chick!  I was so confident and smart.  I wrote about wanting Gman in my life.  I also wrote about Ed, a male friend I had at th...more

Is the Grass Greener?

I have been a full time stay at home mom. I have been a full time working mom....more

The straw makes the drink

I don’t often eat out, since I am a skinflint also known as a tightwad. This includes fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King. There I said it. ...more