Mama On a Motherly Instinct Mission

The Little Man had an Occupational Therapy (OT) evaluation yesterday. We had seen one before at the Children's Hospital in the feeding clinic, but I didn't like the way they work (wanting me to bribe him to eat good foods by using things like chocolate and ice cream). Not only that, but the psychologist there isn't great with autism and they don't really "believe" in sensory issues - it's just not their thing. So rather than butt heads, we thanked them for their time and stopped going....more

Sentence Memory for Copying

I have a group of three students who have trouble copying sentences from the board in class. When we did some practice during therapy, it turned out that the kids could not remember the words that they were trying to copy, so they were copying the words one letter at a time, and did not really even know what they were copying. They needed an activity to work on helping them to remember the words in the sentences, as well as working on their fine motor skills. I couldn’t find an activity that would do what I wanted, so I made it....more

Enhancing Handwriting Skills For Your Child with ASD

It is not uncommon for children with ASD to struggle with handwriting, my son included. Handwriting is not a reflection of the overall academic capacity of these children, however children with high functioning autism may experience academic and social challenges as a result of poor handwriting. Whether your child is at school or being homeschooled, there are special tools and techniques to enhance handwriting skills that can be incorporated into daily activities. ...more