Have you hugged a local occupier today? Happy May Day!

I will be heading into work this morning…  I do not have the funds… nor the job security to call in sick today….. I am a coward… With mouths to feed and a roof over heads to maintain… and I don’t think anyone truly holds that against me…. I am so grateful for those in a position to be there protesting today…...more

Income Outcome: Income Disparity in the US

A recent study of median net worth conducted by the Washington Post and the University of Michigan shows that the income of members of the US House rose from $280,000 in 1984 to $725,000 in 2009, while the median income of US families over that same time fell from $20,600 in 1984 to $20,500 in 2009. The figures are adjusted for inflation and do not include home equity. (I didn’t know anyone still had home equity. Anyway…) It gets more interesting. As income inequality rises, political campaign funding from rich donors (and I’m not talking Republicans vs....more

99% in Solidarity are Person of the Year and We are TOO BIG To Fail!: A Primer with Links

Time Magazine made "Protestors" Person of the Year and there are hundreds and thousands of us who share in that award. ...more

Lesson Plan for the Occupiers

Still making news, the Occupy movement hasn't fallen victim to a lack of media coverage.  According to the Sacramento Bee last week, "nearly three fifths of voters" agree with the cause.  I count myself as part of this cohort-I believe strongly in changing the inequities our country is creating.  I also find myself in the 99%.      ...more

When being a parent means being boring

Pregnant Occupy Seattle protester Jennifer M....more

The (Pepper Spray) Shot Heard Around The World

While my 8th grade students are learning about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American Revolution, history is being made right in front of us.   Colonists, in the form of UC Davis students, are rebelling against the Redcoats, in the form of the administration and the government.  And just like in the Revolution, it all started with a shot heard round the world....more
Thank you. It makes me sad to see my community going through this-Davis really is a very ...more


I am not a wealthy woman.  I work for a non-profit, so by choosing to work for cause over commerce I already accept a reduction of my earning potential by accepting that any discretionary dollars in our organization are deeded to mission rather than paychecks.  It is also a fairly well-known fact that women take on average a 30% earning hit just because of their gender.  Still, when it comes to hard times, I look at my community: our schools, the services that we may not use every day like the firefighters, police and emergency response, health care, resources for the un...more

PREDICTION: Occupy Protests Will Stop Once the NBA Starts Playing

I woke up this morning at 5:00 am, turned on the local news and saw the City of Los Angeles bracing for the Occupy Los Angeles protestors who announced they were going to take full advantage of “National Day of Action” to march through downtown and over to the Bank of America where they planned to cause a ruckus.  LAPD had its hands full all day, grappling with protestors and fending off irate commuters.  Many of the people who work downtown and who were just trying to make a living were forced to take a “sick” day because they couldn’t get past the Occupy protestors.  ...more