The Ketchup Debacle and Waving the White Flag of Surrender

 I was reminded of my state of anal retentiveness the other day. There is something that I do that is just a habit. I really don’t think about it… I just do it… like breathing or blinking. I check dates on products. I do this first at the grocery store before I even buy a product. I take the cold, oldest dated product… usually from the back....more

Day Four: I'm Blowing This Popsicle Stand.

So, I quit outpatient therapy. I have it four days. Stays generally range from 5-10 days, so I didn't cut it that short. But I still got released as an AMA (against medical advice). ...more

Day Two: Self-Exploration Through Collage-Making.

So Thursday is Day Two of my Epic Outpatient Adventure (EOA). It starts off more promisingly, as we begin to touch on the concept of dialectical behavioral therapy, which my psychiatrist Dr. P really wants me to get into. But then somewhere around midday it all begins to go awry when once again I find myself in the craft room, being asked to a make collage that "represented myself." ...more

Is There Something You Can Share With the Rest of Us, Amazing Larry??

So I apologize for deleting my last entry. I felt too vulnerable, felt that I opened up too much, felt too humiliated. But suffice it to say, things came to a head and I had to enter outpatient day-therapy at a local hospital. And, listen. This blog entry might come off as judgmental or outright rude in some parts. But it wouldn't be me if I didn't speak my mind. This has been my experience with said outpatient therapy. ...more

I Fucking Sit in My Tower. And Fucking Nap.

 In the words of one Jack Back:...more

My Life in Four Pictures.


Anxiety in WOMEN (not men) puts brain in overdrive and (negatively) affects cognitive performance

As someone who has been plagued by anxiety all my life, I can tell you that this study does and doesn't surprise me.What doesn't surprise me is that women are 2X as likely as men to have anxiety disorders. Or that anxious women had more electrical activity in their brains during tasks than nonanxious women.What DID surprise me is that:1. anxious men didn't show any excess activity (like anxious women did)2. anxious men and women both performed about the same on the easy tasks3. on the more difficult tasks, worried women did worse than worried men...more

It's okay to make suggestions for my OCD but...

After I outed myself with my 1 Voice in a Million piece about my OCD-Skin Picking Disorder, I got a lot of feedback from family and friends. I didn't expect the emotional reaction I received. It's not like the scars and scabs suddenly appeared over the last couple of months....more
In truth, I don't know anything about OCD, so there isn't much that I can contribute. I am sorry ...more

1 Voice in a Million - My life with OCD-Skin Picking Disorder

1 Voice in a Million ...more

I am a very boring person

Oh Joy! Yippee! Cowabunga!Why am I so happy? Because they have good reason to believe that the stuff in psychedelic drugs can fix mental disorders like depression and OCD!...more