Reality TV: The REAL American Horror Story

This evening, as I was cleaning up the remains of dinner, I saw a promo picture for Nadya Suleman's porno flick.That's Octomom. You remember Octomom, right?  I didn't look terribly far into the details of this film, beyond the quote, “I’m very excited for it to come out," and the fact that I'm certain it will be released (and shredded like a steak in a kennel full of pitbulls) very soon....more

"Octomom" Nadya Suleman's Doctor Loses His Medical License

The Nadya Suleman saga comes to a close. (Sort of... I mean, she still needs to raise those eight kids.) Michael Kamrava, the doctor of the woman better known as Octomom has had his medical license revoked in the state of California on the grounds of "not exercising sound judgment." ...more
Basically, the state power to revoke the license of a medical practitioner stems from all ...more

Octomom: A Mother in Name Only

If you're looking for family tragedy, just go to the headlines: Lindsay Lohan and her family. Brittney Spears and hers....more

The Hearing of Octomom's Doctor and the Medical Ethics Debate

She's the news story that will never end -- Nadya Sulemnan, otherwise known as Octomum, is back on CNN. Well, more accurately, her doctor, Michael Kamrava, is in the news, though it's impossible to discuss one without the other. Currently, he is taking part in a hearing that will determine whether or not he should lose his medical license. He has already lost his membership to the non-profit group, ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine). ...more

On paper, it's sort of clear that this wasn't a great idea, but even with a psych eval, we walk ...more

Octomom Nadya Suleman Tells Oprah She Had Babies to Fill a Void

Yes, if you were watching, that was Nadya Suleman aka Octomom you saw on the American Idol Gives Back benefit show Wednesday night. She appeared in the phone bank, answering lines with a few of her older children. On Tuesday, the day before, you also may have caught her on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where she said she does not regret having her children, but she does feel guilty because no one person can meet all the needs of even one child, let alone 14. ...more

One Year After Octomom: From Magazine Covers to IVF Regulations

It has been a crazy year for Nadya Suleman and she has taken the rest of America on her wild ride after giving birth to octuplets. ...more

I think it becomes an interesting discussion on how many kids a person can humanly care for ...more

Schadenfreude or Lessons to be Learned: Nadya Suleman's Footage on Fox

Julie from A Little Pregnant asked a few weeks ago if people were going to watch the Nadya Suleman documentary on Fox, alerting me to how much you miss when you don't turn on your television (why bother, I thought, now that the Next Food Network Star has been decided). I have to admit that I missed it, but the blog posts that popped up afterwards made me track it down on Hulu and like the thousands or millions--I'm not sure how many people tuned in for the broadcast--watched life in Suleman household. ...more

I find the manner in which her life and the show is marketed to be a blacklash against larger ...more

Top Five Tuesday - Ripped From The Headlines!

While I wouldn’t say that all porn is true to life (it’s all about the fanasties), there are some dirty flicks that grab their ideas right from what’s happening in the world.  In “Law & Order” speak, their topics are ’ripped from the headlines’ (a phrase which I love).  Sure they usually don’t have anything to do with the event or trend, but more often than not, the pornographer does a phenomenal job of marketing the shit out of what the movie is based on and definitely more often than not, I am too curious not to watch.  Here’s a list of my favorite current ev ...more