Offal for Beginners

We are having an offal moment. Nose-to-tail, organs, innards, variety meats, the nasty bits—whatever you want to call it, whole-animal cookery is experiencing a revival in restaurant and home kitchens....more
@zea19 pork liver for me taste better than beef liver which has a grassy smell. I've tried ...more

Nose-to-Tail Eating: Will It Stick to Your Ribs, or is It Just Another Offal Trend?

I eat everything, including lots of things I shouldn't. I gleefully eat things that are colored a toxic shade of blue or orange, stuff I find at the bottom of my purse, and once on a bet when I was working retail I ate a security tag to see if it would go off when I went through the door. It didn't. (Protip: want to boost that knife set? ...more

I'm blogging about working my way through the entire cookbook here: