5 Things You Don't Know About Sistah Girls In The Office

You probably can’t believe it but some folks really do scratch their heads at the end of the day wondering how we pull off the things that we do. Statistically, Sistah Girls are not even supposed to be on the scoreboard in many arenas but somehow we always manage to come out on top even when the odds are against us. It’s in our nature. We are fly, fabulous and full of potential. Here’s why Sistah Girls Rock in the Office:...more

The Office: The Beginning Of The End

So tonight was the start of the beginning of the end of NBC comedy The Office. The last couple years I have had a love hate relationship with the show but have of course continued to watch it as a loyal viewer. There are so many memorable/hilarious moments from the show and it is bittersweet to see it coming to an end. Of course the show probably could have ended back when Michael Scott left but I understand the need to want to continue....more

Late to board The Office train

For several years, Michael and Amy have been watching The Office. Not the most wholesome show, I realize, and I’m not exactly how their fascination with the sitcom even began. By the time I realized I didn’t want them watching Michael Scott and his band of misfits, it was too late....more

I Love Me Some Awkward TV Ladies

I feel like I’m one of those people that never quite “fit the mold,” you know? I’ve always been far too conventional to be considered “weird,” and far too “weird,” to be considered conventional. In grade school, I hung out with the “in” crowd, despite the fact that I enjoyed wearing sequined jackets and battery-lit sweatshirts to class. In high school, I split my time between hanging with ambitious AP students and gothy, artsy kids who ate their lunch in the photo development room (which unfortunately made every lunch taste like photo development chemicals)....more

Not All of Us are Michael Freaking Scott

I admit, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Community when it started, but I’m a convert this season. The characters are engaging enough on a surface level that I don’t have to spend any time thinking about their motivations or histories if I don’t want to, and by 8 o’clock on a Thursday, that’s a welcome respite. I don’t have to think? Or pay terribly close attention? And you make me laugh? I’m in. So here's what I'm watching. ...more

that I forgot to write about the roller rink/strip club/book store field trip. The day shift at ...more

Are You a "Glee" or a "Housewives?" TV Survey Says You Are What You Watch

If you're creative, you like "Mad Men." If you're a rule-breaking rebel, you like "Family Guy." If you're an experimentalist, you like "Glee." If you're an obnoxious, in-your-face type, you like "The Real Housewives of Orange County." And if you're a superior snooty puss, you like "The Office." So says a new survey, anyway. ...more

See, it's just like going to a therapist, you never know what you might ...more

Just Saying...

"The Office" Edition. We should feel bad for those at work that treat us poorly. They're the ones that will be asking us for jobs someday and I imagine they're too insecure to process that. Though....something tells me we won't have any job openings for them when the time comes....more

Baby Blues for The Office

"'Shipper," "'shippiness," "'shipperhood." Those words -- used to describe your allegiance to certain fictional characters getting together with other fictional characters -- make my skin crawl, as do the multitude of forums and sites devoted to the discussion of said 'ships. ...more

Honestly, I think the American version of The Office has gone on too long. How many more ...more