December 4th Blog plateau

Kate Middleton is pregnant, the country is going over a fiscal clift, and I don't have a decent idea for Day 4 of this December NaBloPoMo post...guess which is the bigger crisis for me at this hour?  Today's post for me, is much like hitting the proverbial wall, and is starting to resemble a writing plateau...which is almost the same as one of my diet plateaus...which, luckily for me hasn't happened in a long time, because unfortunately for my size 12 jeans...I haven't even pretended to be on a diet lately...but I'm sure if I was...I'd be sucking at it...more
@elaineR.N.  @Cindyhuber Hear, hear, Amigas, let's do a road trip together. Of course, minus the ...more

When the Husband Offers to Take You Dancing

My husband Rob called from work to update me on the details of the children's Christmas party his company hosts every year at the GalaxyLand Amusement park at Edmonton's mega-mall. Even though the wee daughter would sooner be peeled like a grape than ride on anything, she insists that we attend. To make the event less deadly dull for us, we allow her to invite along one friend, who then stays overnight."And there is an adult party this year," he added. "Would you like to go?"...more
I think you should go and have fun! It is always nice to splurge on something new and maybe you ...more