3 Tips on Surviving the Holiday Hangover

The holidays: a time for charity, cheer, and maybe just a little bit too much drinking at the office party. EVERYONE has a great office party story about the intern who passed out in the closet or the time a stuck up CEO donned a lampshade and started doing the Macarena.But when the festivities end, business must begin. So how do you combat the dreaded holiday hangover? As long as you throw any caloric concern out the window, you can arrive at the office bright and chipper despite having had a bit too much the night before by:...more

Navigating Holiday Gift Giving with Co-Workers

It's that time of year for exchanging gifts at the office. Depending on your perspective, the thought of this can make your blood run cold or get you very excited about the fun ahead. There's no need to worry however because holiday gift exchanges can be navigated authentically and gracefully (and might even make the cynical smile just a little). Here are some tips on what to do, what not to do, and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. ...more