Dear Dr. Romance: On Dating at Work

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Seven Tips for Mixing Business and Pleasure

Like any well-executed covert liaison, the office romance is both incredibly exciting and entirely mundane, depending on who is looking at it. And like any covert liaison, it is a very, very risky proposition. The number one rule, if it can be said that there is such a thing, is to avoid it. But if you're like most people in the workforce, you know that's not always entirely possible. Here's how to make minimize some of the risk associated with office romance. ...more
I married a man who I met at work.  Biggest mistake of my life.  If I had a time machine I'd go ...more

When Your Office Romance Tanks: 5 Ways to Survive a Breakup

Breaking up isn't on anybody's bucket list, but -- ready or not -- it happens. It's especially difficult when you have to see your ex at meetings, in the office hallways, and in the lunchroom or cafeteria. My friend Tamara dated a coworker for six months. He decided things weren't working out, and broke up with her (a month before Christmas, two months after she was diagnosed with a semi-serious health problem. Bastard!). ...more