A Place for Everything and Everyting in its Place!

One of my first tasks I picked, after I decided to leave the working world, was organizing all the things! We are a 3 person family in a 2 bedroom apartment that we found quickly after my husband's job relocated us about a year ago. Being married 4 years and having a 3 year old we have accumulated quite a bit of...stuff over the years. We also are on a tight budget since we are down to one job and haven't quite figured out the balancing act of the new budget out. So the majority of places for things to go in were either compartments I already had and repurposed, or bought on clearance....more

Clean Up On Aisle Four

Sometime a person need to get rid of trash. The trash I got around here is keeping me down. Not letting me move forward.I know there plenty of cleaning in the basement were I want to put in ceramic studio. But I need to get rid of other trash. So it could be possible I can organize. ...more