Anti-Choice Bills Will Send Women to the Back Alleys

Allow me to surprise some of you.  I’m a deeply religious person, and I’m pro-choice.  So are many others in my Presbyterian congregation in suburban Upper Arlington, Ohio.  So are many other deeply religious people and clergy (men and women) who I work with across Ohio through the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  We come from Judaic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist, and Lutheran faiths.  Yes, you read that right.  Religion and Choice.   In fact, when the Ohio legislature writes law...more

Michael Moore on Wisconsin's Union-Busting: Is This War?

"Unrest in the Midwest" is probably an understatement. Wisconsin passed its union-busting bill through the Senate without having a quorum, and the citizens are -- understandably -- a bit upset. While they were busy protesting last night in Madison, Michael Moore appeared on Rachel Maddow's show to talk about what all of this means. And he didn't mince words: "This is war." ...more

(Well, that's the CLEAN response I would give to this uprising but!) I live a stone's throw ...more

Unions Under Attack Across the US

Unions across the United States have been under attack this week as states like Ohio and Wisconsin are working to pass bills that would end collective bargaining -- among other things. The tension has been high in the state capitols of Columbus and Madison, with thousands of supporters and opponents verbally clashing and raising the volume to that of a chainsaw... or twelve. ...more
I heard this morning that the post offices are having problems. Then, they said their contract ...more

Gender Bias in Political Newspaper Endorsements

UPDATE: One of my co-bloggers at The Moderate Voice wrote a post in reaction to my post. You can read Marc Pascal's take here, Got Me Thinking Again About How Men and Women See....more

You are right about the over 65 group. They read newspapers and are the only voters I see ...more


Hi.. Over 4th July2010---spent a quiet time trying to build up start......writing my articles book,poems for publishing. My incredible dream..Will it happen???? That may be the reason for this blog...(hope you keep coming back to find out the end of this reality based adventure)---on BLOGHER--hoping her will give the sanctuery of writing-editng. I may get distracted...with an occassional friend....trying to find life's meaning by going within..I lov cooking...shoping for bargains...even as a guy. It's embarrasing....more

This is Your Future, Are you Paying Attention?

A long time ago, when I was in a mixed up crazy relationship that an unmovable force kept me in — that, and the smell of his neck — I did a Nancy Reagan. I consulted a psychic....more

On the Road to Election Day, Part IX: Support means never having to hear, "Fold my socks!"

Show me your support!I'll support you in anyway I can.How can I support you?You never support me.Can I please have your support?I hope I can count on your support....more

And are in sync.  Enviable indeed, and to have that from the get-go? Even more so.  ...more

Is There a Pig Farmer in the House?

How often are any of us called out in public to perform our special occupational skills? ...more

Save Ohio's Libraries!

Yesterday I braved the heat and made my way to the library with a book that I found… four months overdue. It had been misplaced and hidden by other books. I found it about a week ago and placed it at the top of the stairs so that I would remember to take it back to the library. But Library Guilt made me ignore it for awhile. Finally, as I knew the boys were jonesing for some new books, I sucked it up and made my way to the library. ...more

Feeling isolated working at home? Try a coworking space.

Many entrepreneurial businesses start in the proprietor’s home. For some, this is exciting; while others miss the personal connection and water cooler conversation of the office. If you are an entrepreneur that misses having a co-worker to shoot the breeze with, coworking might just be for you. ...more