The NASCAR Experience Part Three - Married to a Man that Goes 200 MPH

I got a rare opportunity to interview the wife of Sam Hornish Jr., who drives the No. 77 Mobil 1 Dodge Charger in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. ...more

In brief: Your Voting Rights in Ohio

 Your Voting Rights in Ohio from the AFL-CIO • Voter ID. BRING ID. You must provide ID before you will be allowed to vote. Acceptable forms include an Ohio driver’s license, military photo ID, utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or other government document that contains your name and address. ID cannot be expired. ...more

Come on, Ohio, turn DARK blue!!!

"I'm a volunteer with the Obama campaign, and your vote is so important," I say to each stranger who picks up the phone. Some responses that will likely come to mind as we watch the results Tuesday night: "My father-in-law is a racist and my mother-in-law thinks her vote doesn't count" -- a 38-year-old Ohio Obama woman. "No, honey, I don't need a ride to the polls" -- an 87-year-old woman with a ready laugh. "I have a sister who's a year younger and we volunteer two days a week." ...more

Live-blog available for review: Obama "Closing Argument" speech, Canton, OH, 10/27/08

In case you missed Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's "closing argument" speech, delivered today in Canton, Ohio, you can browse through this live-blog I did at Writes Like She Talks.  A few BlogHers were in there and contributed to the excitement and analysis. *I'm checking with Denise to find out if there's a way to place the Cover It Live code in here for people to see from this post rather than clicking over.     ...more

Chicken Soup for the Swing State Soul

For real.  As in, really for real. Because frankly, I will not make it to November 4th if I don’t get to hear some good stories about voting, democracy and learning about what makes our country strong, not senile. So find them and send them or write them. I’ll go first: ...more

Great way to end another insane election is coming whether we like it or not day. :) ...more

Your office is where your brand lives

When determining the creative attributes of your real brand, think color and shape. What speaks to you and your company? Move on to sounds, feel, taste and smell. Imagine these elements and how they bring your brand to life. To accomplish this task, gather magazines and fabrics, and then clip the ones that you find most appealing. And dream. ...more

In the Name of “GOD”….

“If we say we are doing it for God and Country…they will believe anything we sell them!” (a republican mantra) I know…I keep trying to bring up the facts  - and the facts just don’t matter - do they? Not when we are trying to be intelligent about our protests of this preposterous republican Vice Presidential appointment and the realities of what would befall us if such a nightmare were to ever materialize? But here I go again… How silly - are - we? ...more

HB 477: Torturing the ones we want to welcome, torturing ourselves

Multiple Ohio blogs have posted entries in a foreign language today to protest an Ohio statehouse bill that seeks to legislate English as the official state language: ...more

Pierogies + Cheese + Onions + Bread = Parmageddon

If you think you've had the ultimate sandwich, think again. The Parmageddon, from Lakewood, Ohio's Melt Bar and Grilled, was featured in Esquire's "The Best Sandwiches in America". The monster of a sandwich features potato & cheese pierogies, napa-vodka kraut, grilled onions, and slabs of cheddar cheese sandwiched between two huge slices of bread. ...more

March 4 Young Voters Smackdown the Vote

Crossposted from Wiretap First, let me just say that I told you McCain would win. And Mike Huckabee conceded with a lovely speech about a pitcher that is always waiting and ready in the event the other pitcher can't make it. Media folks are speculating if this is Huck making a comment about being VP? Or is this a crack about McCain being so old he's nearing death? I think that this was actually a comment about Mike Huckabee's new career in baseball. ...more