Democracy in Action: The What You Need To Know Ohio Primary List

I could point you to more bandwidth and pulp that contains information you should know as you monitor headlines and the Internet over the next three days for any and all news related to the Democratic presidential primary competition between Senator Hillary Clinton (NY) and Barack Obama (IL) than you would ever be able to consume, but what will any of that tell you that you can't already figure out if you're enough of a wonk or wonkabee that you're reading this blog post or this blog at all? If it sounds like I'm eschewing most of the conventional wisdom, nothing new there. ...more

It was hard to choose - and I left a bunch out - but I guess that's what Google is for. :) I'm ...more

Planned Black Parenthood

"When the history of our civilization is written, it will be a biological history, and Margaret Sanger will be its heroine," Gloria Steinem wrote in Time. ...more

There is no excuse for how that call went, but on the face of it it seems to indicate nothing ...more

Dispatch from Ohio: Even The Wave radio station is all political ads, all the time

I just received a very distressed phone call from someone running errands this morning in NE Ohio. His first words were, "Someone is making a lot of money." He went on to say that, It's one political ad after another on the radio - even 107! Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones hawking this one, Barack Obama telling us about hope in the other one - it's insane and it's not even Tuesday yet! ...more