Oil Pulling, Really?

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Oil Pulling for a Healthier Mouth

My morning routine (most mornings) consists of waking up at 6am, putting a couple teaspoons of oil in my mouth, and swishing it around for 15 minutes while I check my email.  Followed up with a salt water gargle and brushing my teeth with homemade tooth powder, and then drinking a litre of water (sometimes with sea salt and lemon added).  Yes I know, this sounds strange.  Why on earth would I swish oil in my...more

Oil Pulling: Should You Really Swish Oil in Your Mouth?

A friend posted a link to a blog post about oil pulling, the act of swishing oil around in your mouth for twenty minutes in order to pull bacteria from your teeth and gums.  The blogger said she's hooked, and detailed everything you need to know about this folk remedy from the type of oil to where you should spit it out. But before you reach for that jar of coconut oil, you should probably check Snopes.com. ...more
Oil pulling has helped me get rid of bad breath. Also, I had what I thought to be a minor cavity ...more