On Being a Stranger

Having settled into The Toolshed in Paris, I started teaching and taking classes at the local Lycée. Every Friday I would take the thirty minute uphill ride on what quickly came to be known as the Death Bike: a heavy cream coloured Dutch bike inherited from a parent of my employer. “She used to ride it on the cobbles of Amsterdam” “She took it on holiday to Bruges” “It walked her down the aisle at her wedding” , etc. It was possessed of neither gears nor working brakes and its back wheel shook like a dog on bonfire night....more

In case you haven't heard a Oklahoma teen boy bragged about raping someone and no one is doing anything about it

The teenage boy in question is named Tristen Cole Killman. From the reports on other blogging sites, this is basically what happened. Tristen Cole Killman has allgedly raped 3 girls at Norman High School in Oklahoma. Since this issue has been taken to social media, these girls have since been bullied by classmates and even have been kicked out of school....more
Has there been an update to this story? We are just moving to this area and this is concerning!more

Catoosa Blue Whale

If your driving along Route 66 this summer, one stop you might one to check out is the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Oklahoma...View Post...more

fence repair & a naughty bison

We have a young  buffalo and he is so naughty. As his human parents we are just as silly, though. http://lazywmarie.com/fence-repair-a-naughty-bison/Lessons learned, dreams fulfilled, adventures shared~Marie at the Lazy W ...more

Deep Empathy for Non-Profits and Development Directors

I've e-mailed all my friends.I've Tweeted all I know to Tweet.I've posted on my Facebook feed ad nauseum.I have $655 to raise and 3.5 days to do it.I finally, probably, very-close-to-almost understand what raising money feels like. And, I'll be so glad to feel something different…SOON....more

The Escapades of Amateurs Managing a PR Campaign

Using my lunch hour efficiently, this Thursday I managed to get to the KSBI-52 studio, complete a short interview, and get back to the precepting room at work with a little time to spare. But not without sweating a few bullets....more

"Every Point on the Map" or… Why My Heart is Fluttering

Have you ever had an idea spark at some point in your brain, move from the incubation stages slowly and deliberately, then continuously remerge in your consciousness until it demands to be reckoned with?...more
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it's the little things

       As I sit down to write another blog post, my thoughts are again with those in the news....more


Hi Everyone!I finally figured out how to register my blog on BlogHer and I couldn't be more excited to join this fantastic community :)...more
@Denise hey Denise thanks for commenting :) Yeah, it was beautiful :)more

Blown Away: How Can Feminism Help In A Tragedy Like Moore, OK?

 'Pink giving' is intelligent, managed, targeted, leveraged and, because of this, effective. ...more