how i know i'm "old"

Thanks for all the sweet and supportive comments on my Monday post about the (vague) crappy crap going on with me right now. You guys are awesome! And even though I have some not so fun stuff going on, I want this blog to not be a debbie downer pity party. So onto the reasons I know I'm "old." ...more

Aging Out of Apple

I'm among the Apple Faithful. Really, really faithful. I've used an Apple computer since about 1985 when the first Macintosh rolled off the line. I still have it on a shelf in the garage....more


Back when God was a boy, the earth was flat and I was thinner — I was in college.  4 years of learning, fun and friends.  That Advertising degree paid off as I’m STILL doing it.That was 20 years ago.Yes…you heard me.  20.  Years.  Ago.We had no Internet — I guess we went to a library for information?We had no cellphones — I guess we just WAITED to talk to people at home?We had no iPods — I guess we had mixtapes?We had 25 channels — I guess we just found something to watch?...more

1999 (83)

So, we are driving back from an AWESOME concert in Mississippi with Dave Matthews Band.  Epic, fun…and like my 15th show.Thank GOD for XM.  80s.  On. 8.  All you need.So…Prince “1999″ comes on…and in parenthesis (83). you REMEMBER when you could BELIEVE when that crazy year of 1999 would EVEN get HERE?  I remember singing that song, over and over, and thinking it was a thousand years away.  I’ll be..OLD, in 1999.  Will I be MARRIED?  Have kids?  What the………...more

My Former Self

I’ve had some struggles this week:  work/home/etc.  Lots of pressure or anger or angst, whatever.In the middle of one particular period, I had a thought:  Do I remember my former self?  Have I forgotten who that was?  Why is life of current self so hard?No, it’s not a getting older, “oh CRAP”, thing.  We all get older.  I don’t necessarily mean my former YOUNGER self.  I just mean….well, my former self.  Not my current self....more

Diy recycling old belt to belt very cool by

read more on Hi, today I'm posting the step by step about the belt I wore Friday night. Yes sure the belt, I had this old belt now with the paint ruined and I said I could retrieve it, so I ripped all while trying to keep intact the inner part and the soul of the belt that gives rigidity, then I glued a piece of leather cut to size, then sewn with the sewing machine and then I attached the studs with the torch, after punching and here is my new belt, what do you think about? I like it very much. See you at the next step ......more

I found a gadget from the olden days

The trouble with having a marvellous camera like my Canon Powershot S95, is that I end up taking pictures of bloody everything. Which in turn means that I end up with a hard drive full of images that need sorting out. Anyway, I was looking through some pictures that I took last time Izzy and I visited Sarah in Leeds. Whilst I was there, I helped Sarah to sort out her junk room and turn it into an office. Halfway through the task in hand, I found an old laptop bag. ...more

I dug up treasure yesterday (literally)

Ooh, I forgot to tell you. I'm like a bloody pirate I am (except that I don't wear an eye-patch or have a wooden leg or parrot). You know that in recent weeks, I have spent quite a lot of time in London getting my house ready for sale? Well, yesterday I was in the garden digging a very big hole in readiness for a very big bush (crikey, that sounds like a euphemism), when all of a sudden my spade encountered something hard (woof). ...more

Black Lungs

I’m dying.  The doctor said it, standing there in the hall with my x-ray films, so it must be true.  Now the kids crouch beside me and talk loud, as if I’m deaf.  Coddle me.  Bring me cases of Ensure.  Their whispers are like buzzing flies when they think I’m asleep. The grandkids beg me to give up cigarettes.  “So you’ll live longer, Gramps,” they say.  “We want you with us forever.” They don’t know what it’s like to only have one comfort left in the world.  Well, maybe two.  My easy chair in front of the big screen tv conso...more