Cards, the Old Fashioned Way!

Do you still receive Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You, Congratulation et al cards via mail? Or has this method of showing affection all but died out? Has technology taken over completely and wholly in regards to this medium of communication?...more

What it means to be a lady

I’ve been reading the book Bringing up Girls by Dr. James Dobson, which focuses on raising a daughter that is healthy, happy, secure in her identity and prepared to face the challenges that young woman face today.  It’s a Christian-based book and has some really great lessons that I wish I’d been taught as a young girl....more

Losing Job Opportunities Because of Your Email Address?

Can your email address work against you in your search for employment? People make snap judgments about you based on your email address. I can remember working in a data support department in corporate and seeing customer database entries like "IMHOT1 at" listed and these were medical professionals. What judgment would you make about that person? See? Paul Gumbinner talks about the snap judgments people make about your brand based on your email and how it might hold you back in this post. ...more
lol...I've always been super boring with my email address. It's just my name. Guess I've been ...more

pioneer daydreams

I often daydream that someone from the pioneer days transported through time and landing in our modern culture.   One random Tuesday, they were strapped to the plow, or making hotcakes, or shucking peas, and the very next minute they are sitting in the front seat of my Chevrolet Tahoe, next to gum wrappers and sippy cups, confused and bewildered that we are whizzing down a paved road at sixty miles an hour. ...more

The New Fashioned: A Modern Twist on a Classic Cocktail

For once, my half-hearted gardening pays off. Every spring, I start off with tons of green thumb ambition, then get lazy and quit pulling weeds by August. Things end up growing where they shouldn't go, and unidentifiable stalks of green take over. But there's one patch of leaves I can identify by smell that keeps getting bigger and healthier every year: a gloriously spreading tangle of mint that's slowly taking over the front yard. ...more
Try finding an online liquor store.more