I May Have Saved an Old Lady from Elder Abuse. Or Not. It's Tough to Say.

Recently I’ve tried to change my attitude towards myself and BE NICER.  This all started on the tennis court.  Beating myself up after every missed shot didn’t help my game any, plus my throat would get sore from whisper-yelling “You missed another ball, you sloppy buttchunk!” to myself after every play.  I decided to start treating myself as if I were cheering for my kids, meaning I would stop ranting under my breath, stay cheerful, and remind myself to get ready for the next ball....more
Thank you! I play with her next week! :)more

The Mean Old Lady continued...

Well it looks like Mrs. California the crazy bitch is not going to go away easily. She called on one of my days off. My bosses weren't there that day, so my friend Linda apparently got the brunt of her pleasantness. She then went and told Barb, who I also work with. Let me make clear that neither of them knew what was going on before the phone call... GAH. ...more

Adjusting from Country Life to City Life

So this is my first post. As I stated in my Bio, I'm a non-regular 19 year old girl. I recently moved from rural upstate New York to crazy New Jersey. I must say I have experienced those stereotypical things that you see in movies, like when you see a guy dressed in full cowboy attire entering a five star restaraunt, who blatantly doesn't fit in. Maybe not so extreme. Driving on the parkway is a nightmare....not only for the fact that I drive like a 90 year old lady (You know like those ones who are so short they can't see over the steering wheel of their car? ...more