Borscht; It may not be what you think

I have a giant beet in my possession, and soon it will be borscht, but first I need to figure out what precisely that means. At this moment I am surrounded by six books; Craig Claiborne's Food Encyclopedia, Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, The Martha Stewart Cookbook, The Original New York Times Cookbook, The Nineteenth Edition of The Settlement Cookbook (circa 1931), and The Brooklyn Cookbook. Having read all they have to say about borscht, what I can state definitively is that the common ingredient in all the recipes I looked at is water....more

Escabeche Cubano con Frijoles Negros

My mother is taking me on a kitchen tour, teaching me all of her favorite childhood and lifetime collected recipes. I will become her willing pupil, ready to learn everything she has to teach me. Because these are dishes that would otherwise be forgotten, if no one took the time to learn, to document, and to pass them on....more
 @ropcorn LOL! Yes, well, I had to nag and nag and nag my mother, until I finally was able to ...more