Communicating Under Water: When Your Daughter Is a Stranger

I remember the first time I was able to connect to Tsega, my three-year-old's "story." I was sitting on the couch, talking to one of his therapists about his challenges, my concerns for him, what I believed about his trauma and the effects of it on his life and brain and future. And I broke down into an ugly cry. As I spoke the words aloud and shared the details of his life it hit me: The depth and scope of what my son experienced. And I wanted to take it all away. It was horrible, unfair, stupid. I was angry at the people in his life that allowed it. Most kids at age three are learning colors and how to sort shapes and how to share toys. He has bigger fish to fry and sometimes it feels like the fish are trying to eat him....more
@motherhoodandmore Thank you so much for your kind words.  I like what you said about having to ...more

What I Want You to Know About Older Child Adoption

My husband and I adopted our daughter a little over two years ago.  She came to us at age nine.   She was abused, neglected, homeless and abandoned during her first four years with her biological family.  Then she bounced around foster care for the next five years.   She had a dozen sets of “Mom and Dad” before us.   We reassure her all the time that we are her Last Mom and Last Dad. ...more
That's some very real stuff. I wish more people knew about these sorts of things so that they ...more

Family Day

  It seems much longer than five years, and in some ways like only yesterday, that we brought home our little girl. She was 8 years old and was ready for a forever home.  Our process to bring her home was akin to riding a roller coaster while being shot at with a machine gun....more

The Key to Her Little Heart

LeLe celebrated her 10th birthday in November.  She had been home with us for six months and had been talking about her birthday celebration for about five and a half mo...more

The Call......Again!

In May of 2009, I recieved a call that would change my life forever. It was the call that my social worker had found a child that matched our family profile. It was the call that led to the adoption of my daughter, Elizabeth. I will never forget that day. I was at my son's karate lesson when I got "the call". Yesterday I got another call. This time our social worker was calling to tell us she had matched another child to our family profile. We go early next week to a full disclosure meeting....more

Frustrated Mom Seeking Advice

I'm hoping that some of you adoptive moms out there can help me out. We adopted 2 children in February.  They are 9 and 6 years old.  The oldest one, M, is a girl.  ...more