Dating Boys. How Young Can You Go?

So Demi and Ashton are finished.  They hung in there for six years which is about 4 more than I thought they would.  She's 16 years older than he is.  I wish I had faith in these kinds of relationships, but I don't.  Not for marriage.  I think she should have kept him for a Boy Toy for a year or two and then let it go.  Marrying him made him think he was her equal…and he's not.  And, well, you see how he behaved once he got comfortable.   I'm all for dating younger men, but I think there should be a few rules. ...more

Ask A Cougar: Should You Consider a Job in Porn?

Just when I was wondering, ‘What’s next in porn?’ Along comes an article in the May 2009 issue of Marie Claire about the rise of MILF porn. ...more

Ask A Cougar: How to Be A Cougar Woman

You ever hear that statistic about how the more educated you are, the less likely you’ll want to marry? Or how the divorce rate increases with each marriage? What does that tell you? Maybe that us seasoned gals got more interesting things to do than fuss and fret over what he meant by that comment, or what he was really doing that weekend. We’re busy doing exactly what we want to do and not necessarily because there’s some grand sense of purpose and destiny behind it. Maybe it’s just fun and feels good. ...more