Memories for Sale

What cretin thought "Try a Little Tenderness" would be a good theme song for toilet paper?What ad agency madman imagined that "Human" – a song about infidelity and confession and forgiveness – would be just peachy for an insurance company commercial featuring an air conditioner dropped on a car?There are too many examples to list here: Quaker Oats "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"; Fiber One "Total Eclipse of the Heart"; Yoplait "All Day and All of the Night."I'll tell you who thinks these up. Young people....more
The song that I walked down the aisle to my husband was Chrisette Michelle's "Love Is You" and ...more

Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey... What're your favs?

In reckless disorder, here are a few sentimental pop songs I love. Shall I sing you a few bars?No, you’re right. Let’s stay friends instead.What are some of your favorite sentimental pop songs, especially those songs the world may have forgotten? The mushier, the better. If the song makes you cry, better yet. I want to know!P.S. There are some glaring omissions from my list, like Elvis, because I couldn't make up my mind....more
@isthisthemiddle OMG, Melanie! I used to listen to that song, "What Does it Take..." over and ...more

September 17, 2008 Flashback - That OTHER blog

Wednesday, September 17, 2008The Longest Time out. Ever....more

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Do you like my posts ? If so, read "Oldies and Wrinklies Today" where there are a number of articles which should be of interest to the retired and elderly. ...more

Listening Room # 1 - Eydie Gormé - Vamps The Roaring 20s

Eydie Gormé – Vamps the Roaring 20s (1958) on ABC-Paramount Great collection of jazz and pop standards from “I Wanna Be Loved By You” to “Singin’ In The Rain.” Eydie’s voice is fabulous, with just the right amount of vibrato and sass to make Frank Sinatra blush. ...more


Do you ever get that 'sentimental feeling'?  In the last few months, I have definitely had some fond memories of good times past. My daughter went away to church camp (min-camp) this summer.  One day at camp, her cabin decided to dress up like they were 80's ladies.  They were all 8 and 9 year olds being led by their (maybe) 18-yr-old cabin counselor.  They put their hair in pony-tails on the side of their heads.  They wore one shoulder of their shirts off the shoulder.  They rolled up the cuffs of their jeans and tucked their t-shirts into their sweatpants.  It was SO funny. ...more