Not the End of the Year Blog Post I Planned to Write

2013 brought many blessings to Tinsel & Tine: ...more

Braised Swordfish With Tomatoes, Olives and Capers

Braised Swordfish With Tomatoes, Olives, And CapersLeave a reply...more

Olive Bread

Oh Olive

Olives make life better. They're great in a salad, a tagine, pasta sauce, and a taco. They even make good oil.That's why I was thrilled to be part of an olive tasting focus group. I'd taste olives all day long if that were possible. It should've have been a breeze--taste olives, get paid, go home. With me nothing is never that simple though....more

Pasta Salad with Fried Kale, Tomatoes, & Olives from Kalyn's Kitchen

At my house, the love for kale just keeps on growing, and recently, while experimenting in the kitchen, we discovered the technique of stir-frying kale for a version of sauteed kale that's a bit crisper and with more texture than the usual sauteed kale. This experiment with fried kale resulted in Whole Wheat Pasta Salad with Fried Kale, Tomatoes, and Olives, a salad I could easily make into a whole meal for a Meatless Monday lunch or dinner. ...more

Mediterranean Pizza

Tomato Plate

I promise to post something other than pictures soon but for now...Feedback is appreciated! I'm trying to teach myself to be a better photographer. The last picture is the best....more
Thanks Isabel food photography is challenging and fun. I like pushing myself to learn something new.more

Muffuletta Pizza at The Gourmet Mom:

Muffuletta Pizza at The Gourmet Mom:  ...more

Home-made green olive tapenade

Are you an olive fan like me? I could eat olives with almost anything.Olive tapenades, a chunky spread of olives, are very popular here in the South of France. Honestly, there is not...more

Olio Novello Time Is Here! 'Tis The Season for Fresh Olive Oil! - AROMA CUCINA

Olio Novello Time Is Here! 'Tis The Season for Fresh Olive Oil! - AROMA CUCINA Read AND see how it's done. There is nothing better than FRESH Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Liquid gold. It's a process worth knowing about!...more