Precious Medal

I heard on the radio that Olympic Athletes owe $9,000 if they win a gold medal.  It didn't make sense to me that you could work your whole life to win a medal and then when you finally earn said medal you have to pay for it.  Is the gold medal really worth that much? ...more

There's Something about the Olympics

There's just something about the Olympics.  Everybody is watching.  For two weeks it's not some terrible tragedy or incomprehensible act of evil that's keeping the whole world in front of the TV.  There is so much ugliness in the world but the Olympics is something that everyone across the nation can watch and take pride in together.  It's more than just sports.  ...more

Random Thoughts on the Olympics #3 by Lian Dolan

I told you I liked that US men's gymnastics team. How cute were they last night? Hand-slapping, fist pumping, "that's what I'm talking about" mouthing bunch of boys that no one's ever heard of. That was fun. Congratulations you Band of Brothers you . I hope the US women were watching. A little joy goes a long way. Now, onto more random thoughts.. -- I know David Durante was the third alternate on the US team , but couldn't we just give him a bronze medal, too? He was sportsmanship and team spirit in the flesh. ...more