Not Fans of Naming Babies After Olympians

Last week we posed the question, "Would you consider naming your baby after an Olympic Champion like 'Phelps'?" and we asked you to cast your vote in our poll. Here are the results: Yes - 21%No - 79%Red Cup Mom said...This is hilarious! Phelps as a first name. I am sure I will meet one next year.Beth Ewing said... ...more

Naming Babies After Olympic Champions

Zimbabwean swimmer and world record holder, Kirsty Coventry, has been called a "national treasure" by the head of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee and "golden girl" by the Zimbabwean President. She brought her native Zimbabwe their first Olympic medal ever during the 2004 Olympics. ...more

Random Thoughts on the Olympics #2 by Lian Dolan

Wow, just recovering from the US Men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay. I've seen it a hundred times now and still love watching Michael Phelp's reaction. My son's had the same reaction at home in the living room .More random thoughts... -If those Chinese gymnasts are 16, then I get to be 35 again. - Those US women gymnasts are a bundle of nerves. I got a little sick to my stomach watching, as if I was eavesdropping on some private therapy session. I like the US men. They seem to be having some fun. ...more