7 Lessons from the 2016 Rio Olympics

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics did not disappoint (i.e. it was LIT), as we witnessed pure athletic greatness, human endurance, and of course, hilarious commentary from social media....more

8 Ways NBC Ruined the Olympics

I love the Olympics.  The Olympics got me through both of my maternity leaves by giving me something to watch besides infomercials at 3 am.  I love seeing all of the different events and the athletes.  I was a huge Bob Costas fan. Not now.  I couldn’t stand the Olympic coverage this time.  And now when I see Bob Costas’s face, I see him as a symbol of network mismanagement. What turned me off this year?  Oh, let me count the ways: - Let’s start at the very beginning. ...more

when you're an olympic gold medalist

If you're like me the rest of the world, then you've been parked on your couch in front of the TV, watching the Olympics every night now for a week.  And what a glorious week it has been!...more

The Citi Every Step of the Way Program Needs Your Support

For the past couple weeks, the whole world has been buzzing about all the exciting spectacles taking place in Sochi....more

Olympic Wrap-Up

Olympic Games

I am over fifty and, while watching the Olympics, am very glad about the fact.Regardless if it’s the snowboarding, bobsledding or downhill skiing, I have to give theseathletes a ton of credit.To do what they do, besides having a lot of years of training, is being fearless.I watch them going down the hills or tracks and watching them go in the air or do anything with speed,it is amazing.I can just imagine being at the beginning of what they are doing and being paralyzed with fear.God bless these young athletes, and, better them than me**lol**....more

Sochi Olympics: Beyond the Stadiums. The Grim behind the Gold.

Sochi Olympics: Beyond the Stadiums....more

Winter Olympics Theme Songs

I admit it; I'm an Olympics junkie.  I have been ever since I was in high school, when all anyone could talk about was the "Miracle on Ice" at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid (which was anything but placid at the time).  Summer or winter, when the Olympics is broadcast I am glued to the television like some wide-eyed limpet, regardless of the sport.  In fact, when the Olympics is on, I'll watch sports I would never otherwise give a second glance (I'm looking at you, Race Walking and Cross-Country Skiing)....more