What Olympic Sport Would You Choose?

Team USA Women’s Curling...more

Priorities, Priorities

Last night I was scanning the ‘net for ideas. The Tom Cruise inspiration was a hit, so I thought I would try my luck again.NaBloPoMo will do that to you. It’s day 10. I’m 1/3 of the way there.I came across this really (well, sort of ) interesting article in the LA times about the Olympic torch. It’s now in space.No joke....more

Let Us Shine in Sochi

I grew up one among athletes, artists, dancers and performers.  Some of them were gay....more
@Chgo2LAMom Definitely agree.  The ideal situation would be to move the games, but I'm not sure ...more

“Sport teams provide training in skills we need in the game of life”: Anita L. DeFrantz, U.S. Olympian

To mark Olympic Day, which commemorates the birth of the modern Olympic Games on 23 June 1894, UN Women speaks with Anita L. DeFrantz, U.S. Olympic medalist, member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Chair of the IOC Women and Sport Commission. ...more

Bringing the World Together for the First Time after 9/11

I have never met anyone who could look at nearly $400 million dollars of debt and say, “I know how to fix that!” Well that is what Mitt did from the very beginning at the Olympics. When he came to Salt Lake, the offices were quiet and fearful, what a scandal, what a mess and absolutely no way out. Mitt brought his courage of conviction of being able to do the impossible and restore fiscal responsibility to the organization and a sense of pride to a group of people whose former leadership had run astray....more

Olympic Hopefuls

You’ve either been off the grid or in a coma if you didn’t realize that the Summer Olympics just wrapped up in London. This past Sunday found the 302-event sports-a-rama winding down after 15 days of non-stop competition. Those beach volleyball girls can put their clothes back on now.The Olympics rock. I am a mega-Olympic nerd, so I went online this morning to find out when I could get my next fix: only 539 days until the Opening Ceremonies for the Winter Games in Sochi.(It’s in Russia. Don’t worry; I had to look it up, too.)...more

Why the Olympics are Important


Weekend Wrap-Up

The Olympics was pretty great overall. Although I was a little consumed with them. It was a long 16 days. Some parts annoyed and incensed me. I let that out on FB & Twitter. The closing ceremonies were good overall, but long in the tooth. They could have ended after 1.5 hours and it would have been fine. They way they had the athletes jogging in I figured it was going to be a quick....more

Is Michael Phelps Really THE BEST? Maybe Not.

My swim cap is off to Michael Phelps.He is a sick athlete and a true source of pride for the swim community and America in general. He’s won 22 Olympic medals over an 8-year period during three Olympics. He has set and broken a ridiculous number of world records and has (except for one minor bong incident!) behaved like a true gentleman. He is a young man that any mother would be proud of and an athlete who will be remembered forever.But (and here come the boos) I question whether or not it’s fair to laud him as "the most decorated Olympian in American history"....more
Hi, Susie I am a new blogger from Italy . I agree with you. There are big champions in many ...more

An Olympic Dream Unwatched

Whenever I catch a glimpse of Olympic news, I am struck by a myriad of different emotions: frustration, sadness, regret, annoyance, even anger. These were not the feelings I experienced while actually watching the games, however, but were instead caused by the fact that I couldn’t watch them....more