I entered the pool area at the gym today and par for the course asked whoever was already in the water (in this case, two men):  JESSICA:  Is it cold? One man just responded with a blank stare. The other, a 40 something year old, who from this point forward shall be known as "Freaky Guy ", loudly asked: FREAKY GUY:  What are you?  A sissy? Hop in. ...more

The Dara dilemma: Love her or hate her?

Is it just me, or has Dara Torres, the 41-year-old triple silver medal winner at the Beijing Olympics, set the bar a little too high for us normal folk? Winning medals in five different Olympics (dating back to 1984!) is mind-blowing enough, but what about that body? ...more

A Perfect Match: Two Tennis Loving Moms Team Up To Turn Passion into Cash.

You may not see this year's tennis Olympians wearing a new product invented by two tennis loving moms, but just wait. ...more

Their Just Little Guys, No Different From Anyone Else

Drew and I have developed a bad habit recently of staying up way too late and then sucking it majorly the next morning. This feeling has been classified as 'The Olympic Hangover'. All of this Olympic consumption is really starting to mess with my day. When Belle and Lily do something at night that really sets me off after I've had a long day, I can't help but curse that Olympic Hangover when I start to lose my shit. ...more

Italy's Olympians

A few people have asked me to weigh in on the Olympics, although I must say, I was so proud of the Italians that I really didn’t have a barb ready and waiting to put fingertips to keyboard.  Proud, first because our athletes were so awesome.  And I didn’t care about the medals.  The coverage of their stamina, their training and dedication was very awe-inspiring, especially the women.  ...more

Not Fans of Naming Babies After Olympians

Last week we posed the question, "Would you consider naming your baby after an Olympic Champion like 'Phelps'?" and we asked you to cast your vote in our poll. Here are the results: Yes - 21%No - 79%Red Cup Mom said...This is hilarious! Phelps as a first name. I am sure I will meet one next year.Beth Ewing said... ...more

The Balancing Act of Olympic Moms

You may have read my earlier post about  Olympic Moms at the Games in Beijing. Well, the games are almost over now and the mommies have done an outstanding job balancing motherhood and the demands of the Olympics. Congrats to all of them.  ...more

American Olympic Team IS "The Redeem Team" for Team Bush

The millions watching as the American male swimmers realized they'd won the Olympics gold in the relay race will never forget their reactions. Full-blown amazement gave way to uncontained ecstasy as they processed the unexpected and hard won triumph. Seconds before the first swimmer hit the water, the TV announcer had been saying that he'd done the math every which way and it always came up with the French taking this event. But these guys made the impossible a reality. ...more

I think A T & T stands for alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays

As I mentioned previously, some sort of vacuum has sucked me onto the couch every evening that the Olympics have been going on. While I try to do little domestic things like folding clothes, drying dishes, etc. on the long commercial breaks, I must admit that I am guilty of seeing a few of the commercials. While I find some of those commercials funny (like the little creature that sings "sorry that you lost your files, here' s some fruit to make you smile ooo ha") I find the A T & T commercials very ironic. ...more

What, did you get the diamond encrusted super snazzy phone that dices and slices for free? ...more

A golden morning

"You have to try." That is the sentence I frustratingly repeated over and over again to my 3-year-old as he attempted to dress himself this morning. Maybe it's all the Olympics I've been staying up past my bedtime to watch -- athletes breaking world records and overcoming obstacles for the glory of the games -- but for some reason, all my son's whining that he couldn't put his shirt on really got to me. "I can't do it," he said. "You help me?" ...more