Naming Babies After Olympic Champions

Zimbabwean swimmer and world record holder, Kirsty Coventry, has been called a "national treasure" by the head of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee and "golden girl" by the Zimbabwean President. She brought her native Zimbabwe their first Olympic medal ever during the 2004 Olympics. ...more

No Spring Chicken, Just a Chicken

By now you have realized that all of my blogs tend to be about the Olympics of late. Get used to it. Watching the Olympics and blogging about them is the only thing I seem to do outside of work and boring domestic things (which I force myself to do over those long commercial breaks). ...more

NBC's Beijing Olympics Coverage: Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down?

We're halfway through the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics so it's time to rate NBC's coverage.  First a caveat, I haven't seen every single hour of the coverage, but really, who has?  My opinion based on the many hours I have watched?  For once, I'll give them a thumb that's almost pointing up.  Some thoughts: ...more

But it's really much more exciting when it is live.  And though ping pong and badminton are ...more

If I Was in the Olympics...

When I tell people that I was a synchronized swimmer as a kid, I usually get some giggles from my friends.    I know exactly what they are thinking, "Is that even a sport?"   ...more

Olympic Moms, Time Zone Imparity, and Golf Shirt Loses Gold Medal: More Random Thoughts

 I have not added my voice to the easy whining about the Live vs. Taped Delayed NBC Olympic coverage because why bother? First of all, people, they've been doing this for years so your either on board or your not, but it's a little late to object now. And secondly, that madhouse they are calling has everything you need to know and everything you need to watch live if you can figure out how to navigate the site. You want Live, go get yourself some Live. But for those us on the West Coast, we are used to ...more

Love That Debbie Phelps


Olympic Roundup

I thought this week I would write a brilliant post on the Summer Olympics but then something happened. I got in a car and drove 1100 miles with my in-laws and my children. I am ashamed to say it, but I haven't watched more than 20 minutes (total) of Olympic coverage since the USA Men's Basketball Team defeated China. For those of you keeping track at home that was about a week ago. ...more

Just deleting a duplicate How does that happen?

(Not that your work wasn't worth ...more

Dara Torres is My Age, But She Looks Older, Doesn't She?

The family has been camping in the family room every night watching the Olympics. Yes, even me who normally watches no TV, and I mean none, not even the news or weather. I get the news by reading the paper and the weather on the 'net. We have become Olympicky-with really high standards. We want gold medals and world records from our American teams. We got into it a bit late in the game. We didn't see any of the opening ceremonies. We missed the first day or so of competition as well. So we missed Dara Torres' first gold medal. ...more

Olympic Insomnia