What to do with Defeat

This week, the world’s greatest athletes return home from London wielding medals, triumph and the pride of their countries.Even more of them will go home defeated.The lucky ones will have another change in four years. For others, this was their last or only shot. They go home knowing that they are great … but not the greatest.We all suffer defeat from time to time. If you don’t, you’re not really living. Which means that defeat is merely a symptom of a rich life....more

olympic spirit: a lesson for our young girls

I've never been an athlete. The closest I came to competitive sports was a one year stint as a right-fielder in a junior high softball league. We started out as the second worst team in the league, but quickly swapped that title for the worst team. I did not do much to help relinquish that honor. ...more

Searching For My Gold

  Like much of the world population (or at least the U.S....more
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Why I love the Olympics

I know.  I know.  Another Olympics post.  I just can’t help myself.  I’m hooked. ...more

Things I'm Loving Thursday

To tell you the truth, this week has been a blur and I've not really had much time to stop and smell the roses. As far as what I've been loving, does getting to bed at a reasonable hour count? Maybe, but that's boring, so here are some things I have been obsessed with:...more

How Much Does an Olympic Athlete Eat?

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, much was made of Michael Phelps' alleged 12,000-calorie-a-day training diet. ("Never had that been true!" Michael protested recently on Twitter...and he has admitted he doesn't eat that monumental amount of food as he's training for this year's Games.) Hype aside, there's no question that Olympians require special fuel to keep them training and competing at the optimal levels required for international sports competition. ...more
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Made In America

By: Becky Berowskiwww.blog.birdsparty.com...more

The Crazy Train Olympics

 I have to admit that I'm not much of a fan of televised sports.  Not even the Olympics arouses my interest much....more

Sometimes Losing is the Lesson

Can we talk kids sports for a minute? It’s the Olympics after all, and those athletes likely started young. I have a love-hate relationship with kids sports. First the love – they keep kids active – and equally as important – out of the house. They help kids improve their coordination, foster their sense of teamwork, and learn the importance of healthy bodies. On the downside, they are expensive, they require you to be an on-call chauffeur, and they are a huge time suck. Oh yes, and have I mentioned the sports parents?...more
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